Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preview of my reviews to come; some music, some art.

On Day Three of the New Year my resolution to try to reduce backlogs is underway. I am reviewing CDs I've gotten in the past month, so I can play new music on the radio show.

I know... the show is more about history than new, but we have to keep up with what is going on in Blues today in order to keep the genre alive. So, there's that whole balance in life thing in its interplay. Love that!

What are you Blue about this new year? What can I play that will help target (and hopefully lift a load from your spirit) your woes? I'm on Facebook and Twitter (admittedly much less often than I should be) and always happy to hear from you. Click on the links at left to friend or follow me. then search for Clair DeLune (w/shepherd on friend's sofa)

Good news... Gary Erwin has posted the brochure for the Charleston Blues Bash online at - please join us for the kickoff to the Carolina Blues Year.

And I've discovered a Blues Art artist I was not aware of before... that's three this week...Paul Lachine (he's a Blues Machine!)...  check his work at:

I'll post reviews here later...

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