Sunday, April 30, 2017

May hiatus for Blues Moon Radio

Blues Moon Radio will be on hiatus during the month of May 2017, preparing for a wonderful summer of Blues and Roots music.

Mark your calendars now for Tuesday, June 6th, when Blues Moon emerges from behind a cloud and shines down the music we love so much!

In the meanwhile, we'll post relevant concerts and appearances here.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blues Moon Radio for 4/25/17

Blues Moon Radio - 4/25/17

Tonight's Blues Moon Radio show features songs about May, because I won't be on the air that month.
Papa Jazz Record Shoppe''s Artist of the Month: Muddy Waters
Word of Mouth Productions' Artist of the Week: Shawn Holt and The Teardrops
South Carolina Blues' Artist of the Week: Elliott and the Untouchables
We have some special announcements:
Webb Wilder Returns Friday April 28! - Ticket giveaway on air and via Blues Moon Radio page.
Bluz Shak Benefit - info about Rick Marsh and his private jam and how you can help keep local Blues alive.
Tune in tonight - Tuesday 6-8 p.m. if streaming worldwide or WUSC FM Columbia 90.5 for our neighborhood listeners.


We won't be on the air in May - Look for us the first Tuesday in June - we'll feature Howlin' Wolf!

See you at the Webb Wilder show hosted by Richland Post 6 American Legion, Columbia, South Carolina... and for those who are not hep to what WW is puttin' down:

Born more than 60 years ago in Hattiesburg, Webb Wilder is not mature. He is the last of the full-grown men, and the last of the boarding house people. He is a unique presence among the peasants. He is a force for good, and a friend to animals.

And he has just made an album of uncommon uncommonness, of unusual unusualness.
Mississippi Moderne. Again, pronounce it however you like. The main thing is to listen, and in your listening you shall hear a marvelous encapsulation of things right and righteous, wistful yet wild, strange at times but always strong. Garage rock and bluster blues. Fuzz-tone and fury, and, in many ways, a full and unbroken circle back to the days when Webb Wilder was a boy possessed of the mind of a full-grown man, listening to The Kinks and The Move, an Anglophile in Mississippi.

Above taken from his bio... and now we know why we've loved him so long and hard - he also adores the Kinks - my favorite band.  Salute!

Take care -
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Deep Blues Sea - Tribute to the Titanic on Blues Moon Radio 4/18/17

Deep Blues Sea: a Tribute to the Titanic
on Blues Moon Radio 4/18/17
One of the most spectacularly memorable disasters in history, the sinking of the Titanic on 4/14-15/1912 was the subject of numerous films and songs. The disaster touched the world's heart and has remained a touchstone for tragedy ever since. Science continues to discover new data about the cause - and where to place the blame - for the incident, and we'll put some links to the newest information below, but tonight's show is to pay tribute to the lives lost and to the artists who were so wrapped up in the event that they felt the need to express their sorrows in song.

We will complete the tribute with songs from and about the sea.

Blues Moon Radio's artists of the week are two born this day:
Eurreal "Little Brother" Montgomery and Clarence "Gatemouth Brown.
That segment is made possible thanks to a donation from, that group of music lovers who work to bring great live Blues to the Midlands.

Blues Moon Radio's artist of the month is Muddy Waters, brought to you thanks to the long-time support of Papa Jazz Music Shoppe, for which we are grateful.

Our South Carolina Blues artist of the week, Pink Anderson, is brought to you by the book, @South Carolina Blues, by Arcadia Publishing.

Our recommended local Blues performance is Wednesday, April 19th at Foxfield, Luckyman Beall (pronounced Bell) with Bruce Clark on bass. Event invitation on Facebook.

And ... as if  you could... don't forget to turn in your taxes! You have a couple of hours to get them in the mail - I'd always suggest getting a certified signature required receipt - it's worth the measly bucks it will run you. Buys off a lot of unnecessary denials and justifications if the thing gets lost in the mail or mishandled.

Just one way to avoid the tax-day blues.
Mama knows. OH, how mama knows.

Here's the playlist:

We'll add:
AOTM Muddy Waters / Mad Love (I Want You to Want Me)

AOTW: Eurreal “Little Brother” Montgomery / Vicksburg Blues
 and Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown / Blues Power b/w It's All Right
SC Blues Historic AotW: Pink Anderson / Titanic
SC Blues Contemporary AotW: Laurence Luckyman Beall / Ten Foot Tall Blues

See you on the air at Tuesday Bluesday 6-8 p.m. ET/USA

Clair and RockyDawg (who was moral support during tax prep!)

As always we thank our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe and Word of Mouth Productions. You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...
This blog is brought to you  in part by:

South Carolina Blues
500 years of roots and blues music history in S.C.
Clair DeLune
on Arcadia Publishing


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blues delux in-studio intv and 411 on taxes and money on 4/11/17 Blues Moon Radio

Blues delux in-studio interview
and the
411 on taxes and money
on Blues Moon Radio Tuesday, 4/11/17
We have a great show lined up for you tonight, including:
Word of Mouth Productions' artist of the week - born this date in 1939: -Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson (1939)

And we continue with our Papa Jazz tribute artist of the month - Muddy Waters

Our South Carolina Blues tribute artists of the week are special in-studio guests: Blues delux – John Hartness and Deej May.  
Also, because it is April 11th (4/11), with tax day around the corner, we have the 4-1-1 (info) on taxes and pay... our songs will revolve around money and taxes of all sorts, with a little "payback" on the agenda. A little payback might pay for the tires on your new Karma.
Tune in from 6-8 p.m. at, then click listen.
And no, it is never too late to click the secure donation line and help us meet our fundraising goal... just be sure to click "donate" button on the site (above) and designate WUSC and Blues Moon Radio, please - and thank you!
Thanks, we'll see you tonight!
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender
Tonight's playlist: 

Please remember that gift giving is easy for your music lovers - has all your music needs and a few first-edition signed copies of my photographic essay, South Carolina Blues. If they sell out, or you live far away, you can find it at

An art poster (11x/17) of the front cover of "South Carolina Blues" is available for sale by your host, Clair DeLune.

 Copies of the book, South Carolina Blues are available from the publisher, and wherever books are sold - in Columbia, signed copies are available from our favorite record shop, Papa Jazz on Greene Street for the cover price of $22 plus tax. And, as always, mail order signed first-editions are available from the author directly by sending a check or money order for $28 dollars to Clair DeLune at POB 5591 Columbia, SC, 29250; which includes price of book, tax and $4 S/H. Please indicate to whom you would like the book inscribed (please print clearly). A perfect gift for any Sandlapper, or music or history buff - or all three!

The print is available for $25, including postage and handling in the continental U.S.
 See you on the air - - then click LISTEN
Clair DeLune and RawkyDawg, Blues Defender

As always we thank our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe and Word of Mouth Productions. You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...
This blog is brought to you  in part by:

South Carolina Blues
500 years of roots and blues music history in S.C.
Clair DeLune
on Arcadia Publishing

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Blues on Blues Moon Radio Tuesday 4/4/17

Photo Credit (Creative Commons): Muddy_Waters_(blues_musician).
jpg: Greg Goode Ft. Lauderdale, FL derivative work: F.G. (Muddy_Waters_(blues_musician).jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

April Blues on Blues Moon Radio
Tuesday 4/4/17

Blues Moon Radio is brought to you in part by the folks at and, with whom we are proud to present our Artist of the Month and Week series.

Our Artist of the Month was born on this date in 1913, Muddy Waters. We'll feature three of his songs to kick off the show this week, and play one from him the rest of the Tuesdays this month. Tune in live to hear a little history about Muddy Waters.

Our Artist of the Week is Cecil Gant, who entered the world on the same date as Muddy Waters, but only lived until age 38. Despite that early departure, he contributed something very important to the music tapestry.

We kick off the show at 6 p.m. ET/USA and go until 8 - come chat with us on Facebook at Blues Moon Radio and tell your music and history loving friends!

Our regular playlist will feature:
Our featured artists will come from this list
(tonight's show features cuts 1-9):
Note that the robots, who are (as yet still) imperfect,
are not citing Muddy Waters, but "unknown artist."
Silly robots. Unfixable at this juncture. *Must oil robots.

Thanks - as ever - for tuning in...
My co-host, RockyDawg, and I appreciate it. We're also dedicating this show to another fine soul born on this date in 1964 - a dearly beloved member of our family who is no longer on earth, but in our hearts - Love always to RWB.

Stay cool!
Clair DeLune

As always we thank our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe and Word of Mouth Productions. You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...
This blog is brought to you  in part by:

South Carolina Blues
500 years of roots and blues music history in S.C.
Clair DeLune
on Arcadia Publishing

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Music for Moolah at WUSC this week: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WUSC fundraisers used to be called Moolah for Music, because we'd play songs you requested if you pledged. Well, this week we will have a twist on the old school pledge drive with Music about Moolah - and we hope you will give to our station because we are an educational station that has a shoestring budget, volunteer djs and we serve up the best music you never knew you loves... obscure, rare, and either so old or so new it squeaks (really - isn't that funny? Same outcome on both sides of the spectrum - just proves life is really a 360 deal, eh?).

So please mail your checks to:
WUSC-FM Fundraiser (notation: bc Blues Moon w/Clair DeLune)
 RHUU Rm 343
1400 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29208

And if you want to include a note that you gave because you love Blues Moon with Clair DeLune (or insert your even more favorite show and dj so they'll get the pat on the back and keep their show slot for another term) it helps management get the idea of whom to bring back and feature in the prime time slots.

We love that you listen, we want to spend time on the music and info about the artists, so we won't stop out to take requests... we'll show our love for you showing your love by staying on the air another term. How's that for fair?

Thanks so much!

Here is Tuesday's playlist (with some surprises from an old moolah playlist from 2009 - I might trot some of those out).


Keep me aboard for Year 28 with your contributions... we're not doing the online fundraiser this time, so if you can send a check, or call the Student Media business office to donate by credit card, I guess that's how we'll win this horse race. We cannot do it without you and my fans are the best... you always keep the grooves going around and the jook joint swingin'!

Rocky and I luvs ya lots!
Clair and RockyDawg

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tribute to two music pioneers: James Cotton and Chuck Berry on Blues Moon Radio 3/21/2017

Tonight we will break into our Women's History Month programming to pay tribute to two music pioneers who passed away this week: James Cotton and Chuck Berry on this edition of Blues Moon Radio, with your host, Clair DeLune on WUSC-FM.
 6-8 p.m. ET/USA (usually -5 GMT) on 3/21/2017

James Cotton, Superharp:
Chicago Tribune's memorial column by the award winning writer Howard Reich began, "Admirers called him 'Superharp,' which was a bit of an understatement. The sheer lung power and technical virtuosity that Cotton brought to bear sometimes made you wonder if his tiny, hand-held instrument could withstand such force."

James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite
& John Hammond; Durham NC 10/2014

Clair DeLune, photographer

Musicians and music fans alike mourn this powerful icon of the Blues who fought throat cancer and won, only to fall decades later at the age of 81. Cotton played long and hard, and rode with the greats, having traded places with Little Walter by leaving his own band, the Aces to play harp for Muddy Waters when the relationship between Walter and Waters got rocky.

He was warm and sweet offstage and as interested in knowing about you as you were about him. He shared hugs and kisses and CDs with me every time I saw him and even though he was unable to stand for long, he arose to greet me with a kiss the last time I saw him in 2015, during a memorable appearance in Durham NC with Charlie Musselwhite and John Hammond.

From Hawkeye Herman: musician, author, folklorist, educator and recipient of the Blues Foundation's Keeping the Blues Alive award:

"I first saw James Cotton perform in the 1970s when he was with Muddy Waters. I saw him perform with his own band numerous times over the years after he formed his own band. I was honored to have presented James Cotton with the Mississippi Valley Blues Society's RiverRoad Lifetime Achievement Award at their Mississippi Valley Blues Festival in Davenport, Iowa in July of 2006. At that blues festival ceremony The Mayor of the City of Davenport also presented James Cotton with the Key to the City of Davenport. James Cotton was most appreciative in receiving these honors, and he expressed his deep gratitude to the Mayor and the thousands of fans gathered for the blues festival ... and to the joy of the crowd, he then proceeded to perform a superb set of his signature 'high compression' blues ...  in spite of the 100+ degree weather. I'll never forget the great James Cotton."
He touched so many lives. He will be dearly missed. Thank you, James Cotton for the indelible mark you left on Blues and in our blue, blue hearts.
Chuck Berry 1958
By Pickwick -
Billboard, page 59,
25 November 1972
Public Domain
Shortly afterwards, a Blues and Rock icon, Chuck Berry, left us [NBC News video obituary]. Berry laid one of the cornerstones of Rock 'n' Roll, along with musical architects like Little Richard. Chuck wrapped R&B around some country licks, sped it up and a particular style of music was born. Musicians who have played around the country with him are legion because Chuck knew how to make a dollar work. Instead of hiring and paying for travel for a touring band, he would often call in advance of a gig and ask for local musicians to learn his songs and back him. His music was familiar to most aspiring young musicians and he had little trouble filling the bandstand. He was the attraction and few, if any, were able to discern that the band was not his professional backing band, but a pickup group from their own home towns.

Berry was savvy in a number of ways and thankful for the "gift God gave" him to make music, starting out at a whopping $50 a night, which was more than a month's rent. He worked with myriads of well-known musicians and is remembered for his musicianship, his characteristic riffs and his trademark "duck walk," which he laughingly admitted he got by recovering from a fall onstage.

Last October, shortly after his 90th birthday, he said he was ready to release his first album in more than 35 years, simply entitled "
Chuck." It is due later this year.

Hawkeye Herman also shared his impressions of Chuck Berry with us today:
Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry, age 90 - b. 10/18/26, St. Louis, MO - d. 3/18/17, St. Charles, MO - A true pioneer & "founding father" of rock and roll. His music & memory will live on forever ... including eternally on tour extraterrestrially; as his song “Johnny B. Goode” is the only rock and roll song selected amongst the music that was placed on a golden record aboard the Voyager I spacecraft/space probe, launched in 1977, and forever awaiting discovery by 'civilizations' in deep space ... who it is surmised, upon hearing the music on that golden record, will contact Earth from deep space with the singular message; "Send more Chuck Berry!"
Personally, I give thanks for these music pioneers and am happy to have owned their records, seen them play and in the case of James Cotton, had the honor of being kissed on the cheek on numerous occasions by him.

We send each of these wonders to Blues Heaven with our love and thanks... let our musical tribute begin:
We'll finish out the show with our previously planned tribute to women in music.

Be well out there - sending love and comfort to everyone who knew these men - they are missed. We also - from another personal standpoint - dedicate the chicken songs to the charming and delightful Miss Pauline, who is ever in our hearts, on this anniversary week of her passing.
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender,
reporting on a sad week in music history.