Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blues Moon hiatus ends Jan. 5 at 6

I appreciate the understanding of listeners and fans about the absence of the Blues Moon radio airwaves these past two Tuesdays -- although it is not abnormal for me to take a hiatus during the winter holidays, this set of absences was caused by the unexpected illness and death of two dear friends' parents.

My heart goes out to my friends during this time of mourning.

The Blues Moon will resume on Jan. 5, 2010. I wish all of you a great new year - prosperous (because that is a good thing, despite what some think - if you don't believe me, just make more than you need, give away the excess to a good cause* and see how much better the world is); healthful and happy.

And although I see 2010 as being better than 2008 or 2009, I think I'll see things more clearly in 20/20!

All good things to you and yours!
clair delune and RawkyDawg, Blues Defender

*Rocky's favorite charity (and by that same token, mine too) is SQ Rescue, the German Shepherd (and other breed) foundation that brought my formerly starved and beaten sweetheart of a pup home to live with me. SQ Rescue tells me they are unable to take in any more dogs until they can raise more funds because so many dogs they had adopted out have been returned because of the economy... it's truly sad. I'm donating and hope you will, too. But you choose one you like if you have one near you... or another type of charity altogether.

SQ Rescue

7521 Yorkhouse Rd
Columbia, SC 29223-1831
(803) 788-1889 (note from Clair: please do not call them after 8 p.m. ET/USA - they get up EARLY to take care of the dogs)

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