Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alright, Blues lovers, tonight is the show we have waited all year for - the Clair DeLune Blues Moon Radio Christmas and Holiday special. Christmas Blues is one of my favorite niche categories and tonight I will be extending the normal showtime by an hour to fit in an amazing mix of Blues, Swing and Jazzy tunes to make your holiday bright.

WUSC-FM is an educational station sponsored by the University of South Carolina, where I taught music history and have done a Blues radio show for twenty years. Tune in from 6-9 p.m. (U.S./ET; which is -5 GMT for you Cool Yule International cats and kittens).

We Webstream at http://wusc.sc.edu/, so click that link, then follow the listening links. It's a good idea to test the signal in advance just in case you might have to download some software to listen because you don't want to miss a minute of the music - only one song has been played before on the show - the rest are new to me (and possibly to you!). Yes, kids, "Christmas in Jail," by the Youngsters, is the perennial fave that MUST be a part of every holiday show. I wouldn't dream of depriving you of the quintessential Blues Christmas song - the most requested song each year.

Blues Concert Calendar
I enjoyed the Jam Room's Christmas Party at Hunter Gatherer last night (love the Capitol City Playboys and Drink Small) and got to see so many friends I had not seen in ages - especially Portland's newest Cola-Town expatriates, Amy and Carl Singmaster, who are sorely missed here.

I also recommend that those of you who are in S.C. head out to see some great acts:
Friday - Toni Spearman doing a rare stateside concert to raise money for homeless children - Greenwood, SC
Friday - Flat Out Strangers and Hick'ry Hawkins pairing up to dazzle at the White Mule (Main St. Columbia)
Saturday - The amazing Drink Small - a S.C. legend - appears at Utopia, which is catty-corner behind the Rite Aid on Rosewood Drive in Columbia.

e-mail me at bluesgoddess@gmail.com if I'm missing something!

Sad Blues News
Sending special prayers of love and strength to our dear friend, Nicole Hart, who lost her beloved husband, Lance Ong, a week ago. There is a memorial to raise money to offset their huge medical bills tonight in New Jersey. Please go if you can, but you can donate regardless if you wish: Lance Ong Benefit http://www.prlog.org/10430770-lance-ong-benefit-december-15th-2009-at-mexicali-blues-1409-queen-anne-road-teaneck-nj.html.

Her CD, Treasure, is a treasure, so if you'd like to help her and get a great CD, I highly recommend it (I'm not affiliated in any way - totally independent recommendation).

I was unable to do my show, or provide any warning about its cancellation last week, because of the sudden death of my Aunt Patsy, who was as beautiful a soul as any I have known, much like my own Mother. I apologize to those who tried to tune in or check for updates. I was "off the Wi-Fi grid" during my trip with no access to modern contrivances.

I'll be hoping you are tuned in tonight. That's my Christmas wish... that and for you and yours to have a safe, happy and prosperous holiday and 2010!
Clair DeLune, Blues Moon Radio and RockyDawg, Blues Defender!

"Izzit snowin', Mama?"

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