Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WUSC-FM puts the FUN into Fundraisers - Money Honey playlist

Welcome to Blues Moon Radio!

For the next month or so, WUSC is in its semi-annual fundraiser. As an educational radio station we are challenged with raising a percentage of our funding each year, and we rely on listener support. So, let's get the money rolling and - while we are at it - let's have some fun! And we'll get you some nice surprises for your much-needed support.

The station goal is to raise $7K in the next month, and Blues Moon Radio would like to make a thousand of that happen. If everyone on my friends list on FB donated "four bits" that would do it. But not everyone can give, so some - who can give more freely - will be HEROIC!

As an extra-special way to thank y'all for your support, in addition to the giveaways the station offers, I am offering a fine art poster of "A Carolina Bluesman," painted by Barbara Howell to the top five donors (donation of $50 or more to qualify) who notate Blues Moon Radio as their reason for donation to WUSC.

Here is a (copyright watermarked image; yours will not have the marking) photo of the artwork I'm offering top donors:

I will also continue to offer you the fine programming you have come to expect - deep reaches into the dusty archives from yesteryear for amazing, yet obscure artists; in addition to the kings and queens of Blues; and every so often, contemporary artists who just knock off my Blues Suede Shoes.

If everyone on my list could give a dollar for every year I've been on the air, I would not have to ask again in the spring ... let's knock the cover off this ball and smack a homer right out of the Blues Ball Park, y'all...

You can give any of the following ways:

 Pledge over the phone (during my show - Tuesdays 6-8 p.m. ET/USA by calling 803-576-WUSC or 9872)

 Mail in a check made out to WUSC-FM (be sure you note Blues Moon Radio as a favorite, please!)
 Send to:
 RHUU Rm 343
1400 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29208

 Use the secure online crowdfunding page:   https://crowdfunding.giving.sc.edu/project/3066
I'm told that you can (and please do) note your favorite show... Blues Moon Radio would appreciate your vote of confidence - thank you!

My very special shows for this week and next will include these money-themed songs, and if we raise enough moolah in time, some Halloween amusements and amazements!

Playlists for the FUN FUNDraiser:

Thank you all, as always, just for listening - I especially appreciate those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter... (Blues Moon Radio on FB, and https://twitter.com/BluesMoonRadio for my much less used Twitter account, but hey... jump on, you never know when the joint will start hoppin').
Special thanks for those who put their money where their ears are. We are volunteer community and student DJs who spend time and energy and our own resources bringing you the best in music - and we don't ask much in return except you let us know you like us and - when you can - you help us keep our equipment updated through your donations. Much light, love and gratitude!

And please support our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands and beyond.

Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

As always we thank our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe; California Republic Stand Up Paddleboards in Leesville near Lake Murray (closed for the season); and Word of Mouth Productions. You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...

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