Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blues Moon Radio Salute to co-host, RockyDawg Feb. 23, 2016

Tonight it is my distinct honor and joy to dedic-eight (dedicate) this show to my beautiful, talented, loyal and charming co-host, RockyDawg Blues Defender... RockyDawg has been the inspiration for Blues Moon Radio shows since he came on board eight years ago yesterday -- all without once "pawsing" to consider his own needs first, he picked up where Claudette, the Blues Doggess, left off when she passed away after giving her heart and soul to the show for 12 and a half years.

We had a few songs named for Claudie, but Rocky can choose from over four hours of songs with references to him... and these are the ones he has selected for his very special tribute show.

To the most empathic, fiercest and "softest dog ever": You truly do ROCK everyone's blues away... this one is for you, RockStar!

xoxo furever,
Mama Clair

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