Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blues Moon Radio playlist March 1, 2016: Blues Plate Special!

Hey, y'all!

We had a great weekend in Denmark (SC) at the Julius Daniels Festival, featuring Blues Deluxe with John Hartness and Deej May; as well as my first opportunity to meet and hear Sollie "Puddin'" Jenkins, which was a wonderful treat... the Dane Theater is a wonderful treasure, and is filled with history and cool artifacts (photos to follow).

On tonight's show, we'll make the effort to "march forth" into the week with March 4th in it ... but in reality, we are looking back and gathering some leftovers from a few previous shows that were filled with too many great tidbits to let go.

So, we're clearing out our Blues cupboards and having a Blues Plate Special made up of songs from the Presidential show and the RockyDawg tribute.



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