Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blues Moon Radio playlist Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016

Happy President's Day! Today is officially Abraham Lincoln's birthday, so we plan to play music that pertains to the White House and its many occupants throughout the years (and even before we had a White House, or the capital city was Washington, D.C. - girl knows her history, now.)

We certainly won't have time to get through all these songs this week, but because George Washington's birthday (on the Gregorian calendar) is Feb. 22, we can do some carryover - he was born when the Julian calendar was in full swing, but I presume the math has been done. If not, I ain't cleanin' that mess up - they promised me in journalism school I didn't have to do math (that is an outright lie... I'm totally joking).

Here are the songs relating in some fashion or another to each President, and some generically to more than one:

For some reason, the playlist did not capture our first two presidents, so we have corrected that inadvertent omission:

o   20    Arthur Adams    Get You Next to Me     4:54
o   21   Leroy Washington    Wild Cherry            2:23
Ø  In case you want a reference, here is a list of presidents (and their VEEPs) since the four-year elected office of president was created.


Vice President



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