Tuesday, July 7, 2015

25th Anniversary of Blues Moon Radio Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our apologies, but there was a technical glitch on June 23, which prevented our broadcast/stream of the show.

This week, we played the tribute to Charleston that we intended for last week. (see playlist there).

We also celebrated Blues Moon Radio's Silver Anniversary this week... I started broadcasting on the last week of June in 1990, so have been at 90.5 FM since 1990.5 (halfway through that year!).

Thanks to my listeners, the musicians, my students, the staff of WUSC-FM through the years, my guests and the faculty, staff and administrators of the University of South Carolina for providing me with such a wonderful place to teach and educate people about roots music.

Thanks to my guest hosts, my guests, those who have been gracious enough to be interviewed, those publications that have interviewed me, as well as the Blues promoters and supporters and fans. Very importantly, thanks to the musicians through the years (dead and living) who have given me enough material to last three lifetimes.

Thanks to our Artist of the Millennium, Drink Small, who has let me into his life and become a dear friend, who is like family to me.

Thanks to my two canine co-hosts and inspirations, Lawdy Miss Clawdy (the Blues Doggess) and RockyDawg, Blues Defender, who keep me going strong each week.

Thanks to our underwriters through the years (Backpacker, Half Moon Outfitters, El Burrito and most of all, Papa Jazz Record Shoppe - for two reasons - they support great Blues in the Midlands and they keep me up-to-date on fabulous Blues I can share with YOU, our listeners...

To those who have become friends through the years, you are more special than you could ever know and you constantly lift me up!

And finally, there's no reason to thank anyone unless I thank our listeners... otherwise, I'd just be home listening to this music by myself - and that's not nearly as much fun as sharing it with you all. Thanks for tuning in, all the great calls, letters, e-mails and social media posts...

I was told the Blues Show (as it was called before I came) had "the best fans"... I've been grateful for y'all ever since and you have proven that fact over and over again.

Let's try for another 25, eh? Whoa!
Well... one step (one week) at a time... we'll see what happens...
Stay Blues!
Clair DeLune

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