Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for June 23, 2015 - Charleston Strong - Embrace Warmly

This week has been extremely heartbreaking for South Carolina. The massacre of good people in worship at a historic church in Charleston has been shocking, and yet the spirit of the people who believe in good vs. evil and love vs. hate has not been -- and cannot be -- daunted.

If a young man who commited such a crime because he wanted a "race war" to ensue, he not only will fail at that, it is my hope the complete opposite will transpire - making those who were "on the fence" see the light and reach out with understanding. The families of those who perished in this senseless crime began by offering their forgiveness.

I'm calling on the #CharlestonStrong community to start an "EMBRACE WARMLY" movement to reach out with your mind open and your arms wide to people who "seem" different from you - embrace your fellow man/woman - in fact, be good to all the earth's sentient beings. If you look, you can find that "race war" is inside the words. But when we wrap it with a warm embrace, it becomes "embrace warmly" -- the polar opposite of what evil intended to achieve. Good wins out.

Below are some songs that I believe fit the indominitable spirits of our state's citizens as we move past these tragic events... remembering that we are only one race: the Human Race... and we can do better.

This show is my tribute ... given in sorrow and mixed with love and hope for a better day to come... because I believe it is coming. Good will win over evil, despite the fact that evil gets some nasty licks in first.

Stay strong and be good to yourselves and others. We ALL matter.
Clair DeLune

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