Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Year 26 of Blues Moon Radio kicks off with a tribute to Greenwood's Blues Cruise; King Me ("not a monarchy" July 4 tribute)

For a list of the artists playing at the Greenwood (South Carolina) Blues Cruise (crawl, not a boat ride) ... all shows are free, featuring old and new Blues, male and female, acoustic and electric, solo and band artistry...

www.greenwoodbluescruise.com (be sure you check for 2015's schedule - July 9-11.

We'll start 7/7/15 with our Contemporary Blues Artist/CD of the Month:
Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots: "Boom Town"
our Artist of the Millennium:
Drink Small
Keep your calendar open for Thursday, July 30 - cannot say why, but ... just trust me.

Greenwood artists come up after that (see playlist) - all after the first two are appearing, among others, at Greenwood fest.

Finally, we'll finish out this week and next with:

King Me ("not a monarchy" - a July 4 tribute):
We thought it would be fun to follow July 4, Independence Day, with a tribute to the fact that we are monarchy-free! We'll do that over the next two weeks... then perhaps Queens, Dukes, Earls and other peerage might follow. Who knows?


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