Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 7, 2015

Thanks to last week's guests, Doug Peach (McKissick Museum and SCAC) as well as our virtual guests, and featured artists of the week, Dark Water Rising and Lakota John and Kin. Their performance Friday night was - in a word - astounding. Spiritual and uplifting. What a joy to meet with LJ's family and friends and enjoy a bit of fellowship after their sterling performance.

This week we have the honor of two guests once again!

First we feature Carrie Phillips from HistoricColumbia.org chatting with us about the Five Points Centennial Celebration and Happy Hour Tours.

We'll start with the Nighthawks, who played at one of the Hot Spots on the tour (the old Rockafella's - where Jake's is now); then we will play some songs with "five" in the title.

Next, on to celebrating all things Muddy because Muddy Water's birthday is 4/4 and he officially turned 100 years (or would have) over the weekend.

Next, an uplifting tribute to B.B. King, who was hospitalized at age 89 over the weekend in Las Vegas. At last report he was doing better, having suffered from dehydration as a complication of diabetes. Watch that sugar y'all (me included!) - it's a beast!

The Rev. Marv Ward is a favorite guest here in the studio where he'll be returning to debut his newest CD, Catharsis... he's broader than just Blues, but we'll pick the blue-est cuts for you.

And our artist of the millennium, Drink Small, needs your prayers and love sent up - he's having some medical things going on and we want them to work out well - so holler up some praise for B.B. and Drink, please, as well as their families during these difficult times. Please add an extra oomph for our Blues Moon fans who are struggling with trials and tribulations, too. Lots of love to all... miracles happen! I believe it!

If we have time, we'll route back around to what we did not have time for last week... some Easter leftovers... hmmmm? Ham and eggs, I guess!

Y'all be cool...
Your Blues pals,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

Playlist below:

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