Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 14, 2015

We've had a crazy couple of weeks - two weeks ago, we didn't have time to fit in all our bunny rabbit music, then last week, the show disc fell out of my Blues bag enroute to the station (some lucky person might have found that and not known what was what, but that it was doggone good!).

So, because we did not play all scheduled for last two week’s shows, and there's no way to catch up now, we will start with the interview we missed hearing last week (Carrie Phillips from Historic Columbia dot org about the Five Points Happy Hour Tours starting this Friday) and some songs with "5" in the name (for our beloved Five Points... celebrating its centennial). 

Then, we’ll pick up with the promo interview for Sustainable Agriculture Music and Storytelling show; then "taxing issues," wherein we'll go back to the 1920s and see how people felt then about taxes. Next, through the years of tax songs (Roots and Blues genres - and a couple of humor pieces, some to music and some not) then go back and pick up our belated Muddy Waters’ tribute. ­­

NOTE: The picture of the playlist is arranged differently - it was the most effective re-use of the discs ... and we want to be sustainable and good to our Mother Earth this close to Earth Day (and every day!). 

We have, as is our pledge, included some music from our Artist of the Millennium: Drink Small and his support for the Ag program... and we'll finish with one calling for "Better Times" and dedicate that to a dear friend of the show and his bride whom I know not only need some better times, but they are quite deserving. Better times are coming, "Dr. J" - they are coming - hang in there - we love y'all!

Here's the show guide... 

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