Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Tuesday, April 21, 2015, we are sending out some Get Well Soon wishes to a dear friend of the show, as well as to all who need - as Drink Small refers to it - a little "boostin' up." We most assuredly send well-wishes to Drink Small, but as well to one of his dearest friends - an ardent admirer, super supporter and faithful friend, as well as being part of Drink's health care team. He is due, in large part, the credit for Drink being able to play guitar again, after having some problems with that. Drink has an improptu tune in tonight's lineup that I recorded live in his living room with Raiford Hinton that is a rare treasure.

That and these others songs will help us chase away all woes and misery; let's lift our dear friend up in song and send the healing feelings from deep inside our spirits that we know his spirit will hear - energize him with our care and bring him back from a very threatening health challenge. Sending love to the family as well because it is never easy for the caregivers and loved ones during a crisis, although they'd be the last to admit it because of the deep feelings and care they have for their beloved.

Tonight's show expresses the understanding we have about hardship and the difficult roads we must travel to gain a necessary understanding of life, as well as the faith we have in love and care.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, but I Won't Be Down Long.

Lifting you up, Dr. & Mrs. J.

With love and thanks from me to the amazing people in our Blues Moon Community,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender and Empathic Nurse Healer and Channeler.

Among tonight's cuts are:

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