Friday, March 27, 2015

Special guest host, Ethnomusicologist Doug Peach, on Blues Moon Radio - playlist for March 31, 2015

We have much great music to cover on this Tuesday's Blues Moon Radio show...

... We have a very special guest host, Doug Peach, of the Folklife division at the University of South Carolina's McKissick Museum and who also represents the South Carolina Arts Commission - both very fine institutions, and I'm sure it has been said before, but Doug is a real peach and so smart about roots music.

We're glad to have him on air with us to share info about two Native American groups that come from Blues and Gospel influences.

Dark Water Rising and Lakota John and Kin, two Native American musical acts will perform April 3, 2015 at McKissick, so we're pleased to give listeners of Blues Moon Radio a preview of these talented artists' music. McKissick also has an exhibit of Native American art ongoing through July, so be sure to see that as well as the concert.

Because Charly Lowry of Dark Water Rising has a gospel background, we'll kick off with a few gospel numbers that have to do with Easter, then we'll play a few of those groups' influences, including Jesse Fuller, Etta James and Robert Johnson, and talk a bit about how they were influenced by them, and about their music, then we'll let you listen a few songs by each group. For many of you, it will be your first time to hear these groups. Doug has given us a platform and background to inform our awareness of their work. We're so glad to have him join us on Blues Moon Radio!

When we wrap up our focus on those groups and their influences we'll have a little time left. Because of the upcoming holidays we'll circle back to the Spring theme and celebrate things that spring forth this time of year, including rabbits, jelly beans and green grass. Finally, we'll tidy up Women's History Month with songs about women by men. I mean, they had to get a word in edgewise SOMEtime this month, right? We love our menfolk and cannot wait to hear what they have to say.

I found a song called Netta Mae, then virtually the same song entitled Nellie Mae by a different singer. Interesting to compare and contrast.

Hope you will tune in on Tuesday evening from 6-8, so don't be late! (6 p.m. EDT, USA and -5 GMT - if you are on daylight savings, if not you have to figure out how to adjust that time - whoa - I cannot make my head go there!). We're on the same time frame as Atlanta GA and NYC/USA. Hope that helps!

See you at - stream it there or at iTunes/college and university/WUSC
Clair and Rocky and special guest host, Doug Peach (SC Folklife and Traditional Arts Program Coordinator, 777-7707,

Playlist below:

We are excited to announce that Lowcountry Legend, Shrimp City Slim will be playing in Columbia SC on Wednesday, April 1st (no foolin', y'all!) at Utopia Food and Spirits... come hear the piano stylings of Shrimp City Slim and enjoy the great Utopia menu - 21+ only; no cover charge - show usually starts around 8 p.m. - Blues Moon Radio will play a cut or two from SCS tonight to get you in the mood! 4330 Ft. Jackson Blvd (new location across from Whole Foods - just a stone's throw from the old locale).

It is with great happiness that a very good friend and fervent supporter of Blues in this town has hitched his wagon to a star. We're bursting with happiness at the love between Doc and Mrs. Jones and we wish them nothing but love, happiness and a long and healthy life together - just know all will be wonderful because they deserve nothing but the BEST. I'll share a special song just for them tonight - Drink Small wanted me to wish them the very best too and asked me to let them know he sends his love and prayers for all good things along with mine.

Our artist of the millennium, Drink Small, the Blues Doctor, will sing Charleston Women for us to close the show ... we think that will be a very full evening of music, so don't miss a moment of the misses and misters!

Remember - in all things, we have to take the bad with the good, but never forget - miracles happen! Yeah, they do...

Sending love to all my Blues buddies - from me and the RockyDawg,

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