Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blues Moon Radio playlist Dec. 6, 2011 - Tribute to Hubert Sumlin

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Ms. DeLune is a writer, historian, artist, counselor, university administrator and public relations practitioner who has taught upper level music appreciation courses at the Unversity of South Carolina, including Blues History, Rock and Roll History, Jump/Swing/Boogie-Woogie, and Women in Popular Music of the 20th Century. She has contributed numerous articles and chapters to numerous books and periodicals and endeavors to make the show historical, informative, empathic and entertaining. In her spare time, she trains horses and works to help rescue animals who are abandoned or abused.

Tonight's show will be the last Blues Moon Radio Show of the year. We'll rejoin your lives (already in progress) in mid-January - please stay tuned to the blog and FB page for a specific date).

We mourn the loss of so many of our elder statesmen of the Blues this year... most recently a fine fellow named Hubert Sumlin, who got his start with Howlin' Wolf, then got a "better offer" from Muddy Waters... only to ask Wolf to take him back a year later, which he did. Sumlin shared with me that he used to crawl into the gigs through the bathrooom windows of venues because he was too young to get in; and looked too young to be snuck in even as a member of the band. Sumlin was always smiling, every time we met, and always had an upbeat and positive attitude. He has played with the greats, and he turned around and shared his knowledge with the up-and-coming Blues greats through the past three decades.

He had just passed his landmark 80th birthday on Nov. 16th... but was reportedly too ill to play and passed away, in his sleep, Sunday morning, Dec. 4th in the wee wee hours.

He will be missed terribly by so many, me among them. I hope his friends, colleagues, loved ones and those who knew him better than I, will find comfort in how well he was loved and admired by so many across the globe.

And Blues Heaven expands to fit in another landmark great man in the best Blues band ever assembled.

We will pay tribute to Hubert Sumlin, one of the Bluesmen I most admired, at the top of the first hour. Then we'll move to some of the nominees for Best of 2011 - and you all are welcomed to comment on this page to vote for your faves... you can vote for multiple people - there are 20 slots for "Best of 2011"... so if you'd like to submit a rating for your top three or five, that will work fine!

Then, we'll finish out with more Christmas Blues - including the amazing Clifford Curry with his new holiday single... and I'm hoping we will have time for Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine's Merry Skifflemas! That might just cheer us up a bit after this sad week.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and wonderful, prosperous and healthy new year. As always, thank YOU for tuning in... we appreciate YOU!

Bert Deivert / Lula

Damon Fowler / Cypress in the Pines

Demetria Taylor / When you Leave Don't Take Nothing

Drink Small / A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Frankie's Blues Mission / Blues for CK

Grady Champion / Thank You for Giving Me the Blues

Jeff Gates / Wanted You Too Much

JT Coldfire / Pistol Lead

Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers / Blues in My Shoes

Scott Holt / Living in Fear

Sena Ehrhardt / Leave the Light On

Whiteboy James / Zerg, Shotgun and You

Tom Principato / Sweet Angel

Clifford Curry / Christmas Ain't No Time for the Blues

continuing the Christmas music we didn't have time for last week...

Poppa Hop and his Orchestra / Merry Christmas Darling

Lightnin' Hopkins / Merry Christmas

Ella Fitzgerald / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown / Christmas

Texas Pete Mayes and his Houserockers / Christmas Holidays

Katie Webster / Deck the Halls with Boogie Woogie

Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy / I Want My Baby for Christmas

Louis Prima / Shake Hands with Santa

Jimmy McGriff / Hip Santa

Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra / Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra / Dig That Crazy Santa Claus

Tinsley Ellis / Santa Claus Wants Somebody to Love

Jimmy Dorsey / Dixieland Band from Santa Claus Land

Babs Gonzales / Be-Bop Santa Claus

Louis Jordan / Santa Claus, Santa Claus

Fats Waller / Swingin' Them Jingle Bells

Louis Armstrong / Winter Wonderland

The Original Five Blind Boys / White Christmas


carl said...

I vote for Scott Holt, Living in Fear for best blues song !!! We see Scott play every chance we get!! just an AMAZING guitarest !!!

Jennifer Throneberry said...

Another vote for SCOTT HOLT!!!

The Blues Moon Radio with Clair DeLune said...

Thanks to those of you who are coming here to vote for your favorite(s) for the Lunie Awards... to be announced in mid-Febrary.

Blues Moon Radio wants to focus attention and interest on the contemporary artists who are working so hard to keep the Blues genre alive and vibrant ...and a little recognition never hurts, does it? :)

Feel free to look at the lists of artists who have been nominated for their great CDs from 2011. The nominees were/are being played beginning the last week of November and running through the end of January (hiatus from Dec 7 until return on Jan. 10).

We have a long list of nomminees and will be featuring their music so fans can have input. I believe fan input is key to the selection of the TOP 20, so please post a comment about the artist and what you love about their music. Feel free to share the site with your friends who love music and welcome them to vote as well as tune in to the Blues Moon (starting back Jan. 10, 2012 at 6 p.m. on WUSC-FM (online and at 90.5 Columbia SC).

There isn't a need for a person to vote more than once for an artist - we are using the honor system here, so help a girl out by not multiple voting under different e-mails you might have. You may vote for various artists to be considered (and you can rank them in order if you feel like it) but you need only vote once for each particular CD to have it count.

As important as the musicians are - and we sure need them for a radio show to stay viable, there is no shortage of thanks to YOU for listening to Blues, especially from my vantage point for tuning into the Blues Moon Radio Show and blog. Having interested, active fans makes what I do worthwhile and YOU, the listener, are a very big part of that. All the best!

Scott Holt said...


Thank you!!!