Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Nov. 8, 2010

Tonight's show is a bit of a mix of observances...

We'll commemorate the passing of William Clarke, who has been gone for 14 years. His music affected many who are still moved by his playing and influences. Thanks to Alligator Records' Bruce Iglauer, whose posting on Facebook allowed fellow musicians, friends, fans and music lovers to post their feelings about Clarke and his impact on our lives.

We'll commiserate about the passing of an iconic brand of automobile, as GM shepherded the last Pontiac off the production line. Omar and the Howler's "Big Chief Pontiac" will underscore the impact of the line of cars that featured as its logo the elongated head of a proud native Pontiac tribe chief, which was used as a hood ornament for many years. Pontiac also manufactured one of the nation's most popular muscle cars, the Firebird. The demise of Pontiac auto division is as sad as it is unbelievable for those of us who are car fanatics and Americana collectors.

We'll also try to do some good in this world... The Blues Moon Radio Show is proud to help support the Family Shelter benefit. The event is this Thursday night (11/11) in Columbia at 6-ish (cue my Father's disdain about "ish" as a time frame, but more about this in a moment) at the "Hall at Senate's End" ... Blues, Beer and BBQ - details and links on poster.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Blues Moon and WUSC-FM during our Fundraiser last week. We appreciate our listeners and fans and rely on community support to keep airing the great music we work hard to bring your way. Donations are still being accepted and may be mailed to the station ... WUSC-FM, RHUU Rm 343, 1400 Greene St., Columbia, SC 29208 - please be sure to specify that you are supporting the Blues Moon Radio Show and any other WUSC shows you enjoy. If you use the online donation page, please be sure to write in WUSC-FM & Blues Moon Radio on the empty radio button box so the money goes where you intend it to. Donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be mailed.

RockyDawg seeking solace from BigBunny
after hearing his Mommy's operatic attempts.
On another funny note, RockyDawg apparently has broader musical taste than we previously imagined. I was listening to an opera singer on the tube today and Rocky hopped on the bed and stared at the TV intently. When it was over, he looked at me earnestly, so I asked him "Do you like opera?" and he got very excited. I sang a bit, and he stared just as intently at me; as happy as he could be. I wasn't too bad if I do say so myself... but then I "hit a clam"... I had missed a high note that lives where no alto has gone before... even an alto with a wide range. Rocky pulled his head back as if I'd hurt him, then looked back at the TV, then back at me, then he suddenly jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. Everyone's a critic!

Very importantly, in observance of Veteran's Day November 11, we'll also pay tribute to, as well as honor and bestow appropriate glory upon, those who have valiantly served our country in the Armed Forces. Longtime listeners might be aware I come from a military family. My Dad passed away two years ago (miss him so much) and was laid to rest on the day after Veteran's Day.

Daddy was funny, but he also had a lightning quick temper that could rarely be predicted. I recall one Thanksgiving we had gone to visit my brother's family. I'd gone out to the stores the day after Turkey Day to catch a few bargains. Dad called to ask when I was going to swing by to pick him up for the trip home and I said I thought that I'd be there around noon-ish. He sandblasted me, barking in his sternest voice, "Clair! We didn't win WWII by invading Normandy at noon-ISH! What TIME will you be HERE?" I answered "12:07, sir!" I swung into the driveway at 12:06:58 just to be sure I was "on target for my ETA." Ish later became a family joke; so much so that I thought about putting ish on his funeral notice, however I restrained myself, even though Daddy and I had often laughed about his particular teaching technique about timeliness.
Despite the mix of tributes, I guess the moral of tonight's show is:
Do pay homage to those who have gone on before you; enjoy the things and people you love while you have them; forgive people for little transgressions - especially if they are trying their best; never underestimate people (or dogs) - there is a lot more going on than you might know about; and do your best to support good causes. You never know when you might need or want what they have to offer and your help might provide the difference that keeps the good going (please don't fall into the trap of relying upon others to do good in your stead).

Thanks for listening to the Blues Moon with Clair DeLune radio show - I hope you enjoy tonight's musical choices... playlist below... I'll endeavor to keep things running on a timely basis and I promise not to hum along with the music. :) Best to you all ... clair (playlist below)

William Clarke - So All Alone b/w Miss You So
Eric Lindell - What I Got
Otis Rush - You Know My Love
Sue Foley and Peter Karp - Regret

Lonnie Brooks - Family Curse
Jelly Jaw Short - Barefoot Blues
Drink Small - Mr. Green is the Barbecue Man

Mississippi Jook Band - Barbecue Bust

Barbecue Bob - Unnamed Blues
Roosevelt Sykes - Sykes' Gumboogie
Blind Boy Fuller - I Crave My Pigmeat

Freddy King - San Ho Zay
Sonny Terry  and Brownie McGhee - Fox Hunt
Omar and the Howlers - Big Chief Pontiac
Robert Nighthawk - Peter Gunn Jam b/w Back Off Jam

Jimmy Coe - Fast Blues
Gary U.S. Bonds - Burden
Roy Buchanan - When a Guitar Plays the Blues
John Mooney - Take a Walk Around the Corner

James Cotton - That's All Right

Good night, y'all... please tune in again next week... thanks for listening!

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