Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Blues Moon Radio Show Nov. 23, 2010

I'm giving thanks this year for the usual: friends and family; RockyDawg, Blues Defender; the ability to live in a free country, a wonderful region, state and city; all the benefits of life and as much health, wealth and happiness a person should, would or could have (not going to stop trying to raise the bar, though - no... not THAT kind of bar, silly!).

I am also grateful to USC, WUSC and the fellow djs and leadership over the past 20 years who have fostered an atmosphere of acceptance for a Blues radio show, with me at the helm as host. I couldn't do it without the fine technical support I've received through the years (special thanks to John George for keeping WUSC on the air and to Rick Wrigley for his new tech training sessions).

A key component of what I do is the music side - the talented Blues men and women (living and dead), the PR pros and booking agents; the venue owners and the fans who listen and support great live music (and buy CDs). We have also had great sponsor support over the years (The Backpacker, the Half-Moon Outfitters, HipWaZee, Upstairs Audio, Word of Mouth Productions and the ever-loyal El Burrito and as we always say - we cannot do this without your support.

Most of all, I would like to thank my listeners... regular or intermittent... as I often say, I do this for you. Otherwise I could sit home and play my own stereo - but your continued interest, kindnesses, buoying of spirit keeps me fighting for parking every Tuesday up here on campus! I think my car knows the way without me at the wheel (but I'm not testing that theory). Thank you for your kind calls, Facebook posts, e-mails and letters (yes, I get actual letters and post cards! - Love 'em!). All but two interactions have been extremely positive over the twenty years I've been aboard the Blues Moon Radio Show - to have a record like that seems like it would be unparalleled in broadcasting.

I just wanted to thank you all. I'm humbled to be among you still after two decades. Here's to the next decade...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving... tonight's theme is about food and home. I hope you have a wonderful holiday - and for those who are in situations that are not optimum and you might not be expecting to have the best ever holiday... I hope you find tonight's theme a way to get you through a hard time.

All the best to you and yours... pat those puppies, ponies, kiddies and kitties for me.

Thanksgiving show PLAYLIST:
Whistlin' Alex Moore - Ice Pick Blues (hey, we're starting with beverages, aren't we?)
Memphis Minnie - Ice Man
Big Joe Turner - Ice Man
Tommy Johnson - Cool Drink of Water Blues

Paul deLay Band - Oat Bran (hey, we have to have something healthy going on)
Hal Paige and the Wailers - Pour the Corn
Weaver and Beasley - Bottleneck Blues

Jim Jackson - I Heard the Voice of a Pork Chop (possibly time for beverages to stop?)
Buddy Burton - Ham Fatchet Blues, Pt. 3 (parts 1&2 are missing - I blame the dawg)
Bessie Tucker - Fryin' Pan Skillet Blues
Memphis Willie B. - Good Potatoes
Curtis Salgado - Salt in My Wounds (gotta have a little spice, no?)

Charlie Musselwhite - Cook County Blues (I don't think he means chef cook, but I do!)
Tom Principato - Jambalaya (for our friends on the Bayou)
Anson Funderburgh - Don't Want No Leftovers (I do! Yum!)
Steve Jacobs & Artie Sherman - Left Overs

Mark Sallings - Sugar Sweet (At last! Dessert!)
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Shuckin' Sugar Blues
J.B. Hutto and the Hawks - Pet Cream Man

Big Walter Horton - Put the Kettle On (ah... coffee or tea, anyone?)
Kokomo Arnold - Milk Cow Blues (quiz: do they pasteurize milk IN the pasture? LOL)
Riff Ruffin - Gravy Train (RockyDawg's fave number of the evening!)

James Harman Band - So Tired O'Travelin'
Marshall Lawrence - Traveling Blues
Blind Willie McTell - Travelin' Blues

Robert Johnson - Traveling Riverside Blues
Mager Johnson - Travelling Blues
Joe Calicott - Traveling Mama Blues

Albert Collins - I've Got a Mind to Travel
Big Maybelle - Way Back Home
Bo Diddley - I'm Going Home

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