Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blues Moon Radio show playlist July 28, 2009

Thanks for tuning in to tonight's Blues Moon Radio Show, folks... keep refreshing your screen to see the latest updates to the playlist between 6-9 p.m. ET (USA).

A lot of you have mothers. Many many of you, in fact. Some of you might no longer have mothers.

This show is for all of y'all... it's about Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mother, Marmie... whatever pet name you might call her.

It's a tribute to a person who was happy to sacrifice her life's dreams just for a moment of happiness for her child.
It's a tribute to a person who left a huge hole in her child's heart when she had to go.
It's about heart and soul.
It's about uncompromising, unconditional love.
It's about longing for that comfort and understanding that only she could give.
It's about the Blues you get when you know she cannot ever come back.
It's about the joy you feel when you learn she is, inextricably, the best part of you.

It's about Mother.
Yours and mine - but I'll raise my toast to Lucille...

Clair DeLune

Bo Diddley - I'm Going Home
Big Jack Johnson - Daddy, When is Mommy Coming Home
Rev. Gary Davis - Death Don't Have No Mercy

Big Maybelle - I Cried for You
Sue Foley - Mother
Lonnie Johnson - My Mother's Eyes
Champion Jack Dupree - Blues from 1921

Johnny Adams & Aaron Neville - Never Alone
Howard & the White Boys - I Thank You
Cissy Houston - Nothing Can Stop Me Now
Jesse Thomas - Your Ways and Actions

John Lee Hooker - Lonesome Mood
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson - Lonesome in My Bedroom
Finis Tandy w/ the Mannish Boys - Lonesome Bedroom Blues
Jimmy Reed & His Trio - High and Lonesome
Tommy Johnson - Lonesome Home Blues
Sam Myers - Sad and Lonesome
Harmonica George (Robinson) - Sad and Blue

Wanda Johnson - Mama's Recipe
Blind Willie McTell - Talkin' to You, Mama
Big Joe Turner, Pete Johnson - Lovin' Mama Blues

Eddie Kirkland - Our Love, So Beautiful
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Keep Your Arms Around Me
Mannish Boys - Lucille
Big John Wrencher - Lucille

Lil' Ed - North Carolina Bound
Vivianne Green - A Picture of You
Clarence Spady - Picture of Love
Bobby Mitchell - Send Me Your Picture

Buck and Bubbles - Oh, Lady Be Good
Clarence "Frogman" Henry - Lady with the Hatbox
Johnnie Taylor - Nothing Like a Lady
Jimmie Vaughn & Omar Kent Dykes - I'll Change My Style

Big Maybelle - That's a Pretty Good Love
Jo Jo Williams - All Pretty Women

The BoDeans - Pretty Ghost
* that last one is not Blues, but it sure is pretty and it fits the show theme, so I'm pulling rank and playing it.

Hope you enjoyed tonight's show... if your Mom is living, give her a call - or better yet, go see her, give her a big hug and a kiss and let her know you appreciate all she did for you; tell her you are sorry (doesn't matter what for - you owe her at least one good heartfelt apology) and that you will always love her... it will make her happy now and both of you happy forever...

watch the site for updates on great upcoming Blues concerts...

be sweet, y'all...
clair delune
(mama to Rockington J. Squirrel, the amazing German Shepherd, who always tells me he loves me)
"Roo roo roo." - RJS

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