Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blues Moon Radio Show July 21, 2009 - Wistful Blues

Welcome to tonight's edition of the Blues Moon with Clair DeLune.
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Tonight we are featuring a wistful set - for those lovelorn souls who want their baby back - even if only for a moment, or only in their imaginations.

Joe Hinton starts us out with Funny (how time slips away)
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Mr. So and So
Billy Biser - You Promised Me
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - My Wife and Woman

Louis Armstrong - Memories of You
Blind Boy Fuller - Homesick and Lonesome
Henry Townsend - Long Ago and Far Away

Rev. Gary Davis - Twelve Gates to the City
Guitar Slim - The Things I Used to Do
Long John Hunter - Stop What You're Doing
Lowell Fulson - Reconsider Baby

Michael Burks - One More Chance
Joe "Guitar" Morris - The Git Back (Pt. 1)
Billy Boy Arnold - Pleading and Crying

Luther Allison - I Wanna Be with You
Mannish Boys - Just to Be with You
Eddie Lee "Mustright" Jones - I'm Talking 'Bout You

Roxanne Potvin - Let It Feel the Way it Feels
James Armstrong - Can't Get off Your Love
Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys - Baby, Look at You

Annie Laurie - I'm in the Mood for You
Donnie Elbert - Will You Ever Be Mine
Irma Thomas - Don't Mess With My Man

Paul Marvin - Hurry Up
Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets - Soul Survivor
Dinah Washington - Resolution Blues
Albert King - Calling on my Darling

Sam Myers - You're So Fine
Phillip Walker - Lay You Down

Roomful of Blues - Oh, Oh
Mike Zito - Slow It Down
Meredith Howard - Just Kiss Me Once (and You'll Be Back)
Ella Johnson - I Still Love You
Little Walter - I Just Keep Loving Her
George Grant - I'm in Love with You Baby

Etta James - Something's Got a Hold On Me
Joe Haywood - Strong Feeling
Lewis Jones - I Believe to my Soul
The Paladins - Follow Your Heart

Robert Nighthawk - You Missed a Good Man
Unknown - Why Did We Have to Part?
Charles Brown - Livin' in Misery
Bobby Bland - Our First Blues Song
The Beat Daddys - I'll Always Love You

Thanks for tuning in... now you know how powerful Blues energy is... so don't be surprised if you get a call or an e-mail or "gasp!" a card in the mail (who does THAT anymore?) from your paramour ... or perhaps you can reach out and locate the person you are thinking of so fondly. Just remember, they probably still have whatever quirk caused y'all to split, so be prepared to give a little more -- at least this time around... Best wishes!

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