Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Condolences to Koko Taylor's loved ones and fans

Condolences to Koko Taylor's loved ones and fans:

I was privileged to hear Koko live many, many times and tried never to miss an opportunity to see her; I was honored to interview her for my Blues radio show, The Blues Moon with Clair DeLune, and found her to be wise, warm and wonderful in person, and just as vibrant as she was onstage.

How much she will be missed can only be measured in her family, friends' and fans' hearts, but I can tell you that mine has broken and I know her dear family and friends must be heartbroken, too. But what a wonderful life she had - with such accomplishments - and that is something to hold onto.

I will be doing a tribute show to her this Tuesday and thinking of you all on Thursday, sending you prayers. May God comfort you in your loss.

Deepest sympathy,

Clair DeLune
The Blues Moon radio show

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