Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blues Moon radio show Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tonight's show theme is a little personal, so I hope you all won't mind this little indulgence.

My "new" dog, Rocky, is having a birthday tomorrow and I thought I'd play some songs that have Rock in the title, or dog... then I remembered I had done a tribute to him last year (for the first birthday we'd had - I got him on Presidents' Day 2/22/08) so I'm going to take a page from TV scheduling playbook and do a little "Summer Rerun."

I try not to repeat, but c'mon people... it's mah daaaaawg! :)

Anyway, for those of you who want to see why he is such a delight, here are some pics and links.

No, Rocky... not sausage links. Calm down, honey.

Speaking of snicky-snackers, here's a shot of him taken with his Happy Meal (which are treaties I make into a happy face on a plate when I leave him alone - see picture where Rocky is merely "whelmed" - not over- or under- just whelmed.) He is none-too-thrilled when I leave him and was not food-oriented, having been starved.

Well, I determined the problem immediately. The happy meal has no hair. Honestly. What had I been thinking?

Rock is also featured prominently on Charlotte Varlet's Charlotte, N.C. foodie blog. The "Rock Star" looks clearly more interested in his "New Improved Happy Meal," which is featured here and boasts a lovely updo of cheese hair that would make The Donald envious.

Here's the link, but y'all come back now... ya-heah? I'm saving the best for last.

As promised, here is a snap of where he ends up the second I get out of bed to make his food.

They say German Shepherds are smart. They are correct, sir.
That is his Easter Lamb snoozing with him. Rocky wuvs his Wammy.

Oh, hey... don't forget to tune in the show - tonight from 6-9 p.m. on http://wusc.sc.edu/ (streaming Internet raydeeoh) or for you Columbia S.C. USA kids, 90.5 FM or HD1 Columbia.

Thanks for putting up with my pet pics. But he is something special.

"Rock" on,
clair delune
"And how long HAVE you had 'Stinkerbell'?"


charlottevarlet@hotmail.com said...

That is some cute pup! Give him some burf-day kisses from his kippie kousins in Nawth Cackalacky!

Rawky-dawg said...

Tankoo Ant Shallot. I yam happie to have a burfday an wishew wuz heah. I wood bark alot! Yah! Woof! See? haha. I wuz rit. Yay!

I luv yur kippie kaps. They ar my frenz. I luv u to.

Marmie maded me uh omoh-let wif cheezies for brekfuss. I ated it rit up.

I haz to go run reel fass now. bye!
Rawky (thuh dawg, amembur me?).