Monday, August 18, 2008

Special Edition of the Blues Moon for Daddy

I try to make every edition of the Blues Moon personal because the Blues is personal music and there is always someone I'm thinking of, or some event, when I plan my show each week.

But this edition of the Blues Moon is very personal - and sad - because it is the tribute to my father that I tried to make last week, right after he died, but just couldn't. And this week I have jammed enough songs in to last the entire show, except for required station IDs, because I don't think I'll be able to announce the songs.

So, instead of waiting until after the show to post the songs, as I usually do, I'll post them a day ahead and you all can follow along as the songs are played.

This week the songs will be from top to bottom (usually they list from the bottom to the top). Since I'm not grabbing them from the Internet log, they'll read in order from the top to the bottom. Confused yet? Welcome to my neighborhood.

My Dad was amazing. Brave, stalwart, honest, brilliant and accomplished. Not always the sweetest person, but he had a real soft spot for a lot of things (his granddaughter, dogs and sometimes -- when I didn't drive him crazy -- even me!) and the last couple of decades we spent getting real close; ending with a period of time where I took care of him a great deal of the time and that brought us even closer.

I thank God that my brother and I were able to be there on his last day on this earth. I miss him so much and will live my life in tribute to him and my beloved Mother, who was so sweet and dear.

Dad did so much that I'll never expect to measure up to his accomplishments, but I'll work hard to try to as a tribute to him. I promised him I would not be sad always.

Thanks for listening. Tell the ones you love how you feel. You will never regret it.

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