Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Clair? She ain't on the air!

Sorry to have missed two shows in a row, but life conspires sometimes - and if it didn't, well, we'd never have "the blues" and we'd miss out on a great genre of music, wouldn't we?

See? Now I've cheered you up and you don't need me anymore.

Last week I was out because I wanted to attend the funeral of a friend's father - she's been through a lot and we've kept each other buoyed during our fathers' illnesses.

And this week, work went over and I just couldn't get to the station in time. As ever, I must look at the bright side: how fortunate I am to work at what I love - writing - and to also work at a radio station that allows me the chance to play music I love for people I know and those I have yet to meet.

Please tune in again next week... I promise I'll be there! I'll have a Blues tribute to "Dub"... much love to his family and all my sympathy.

Clair DeLune - bluesgoddess@gmail.com

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