Tuesday, August 1, 2017

50 Year Anniversary - Summer of Love - on Blues Moon Radio 8/1/2017

The 50 Year Anniversary - Summer of Love: Peace Love and Sassafras

Recreating the Summer of 1967 on Blues Moon Radio 8/1/2017

Before you look at the theme songs for the radio show, which revolve around War (specifically the Viet Nam War), protests, San Francisco, Hippies, Peace, Love, Sassafras (and weed), and - much later the end to that war... you might want to visit some sites that reflect back on that time and place 50 years ago... here are five suggestions. Peace!




Tonight's show will feature the following:
then, we'll select the Word of Mouth Productions artist of the week (Magic Slim) and the Papa Jazz Record Shoppe's artist of the month (Jimmy Witherspoon) and South Carolina Blues' artist of the week (Gail Storm) - and fill in the rest of the show time from this list:
Stay hip... stay cool. Thanks for tuning in to Blues Moon Radio...
Clair DeLune and the amazing RockyDawg!

As always we thank our long-time underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands all year around, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe and Word of Mouth Productions. You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...
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