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Deep Blues Sea - Tribute to the Titanic on Blues Moon Radio 4/18/17

Deep Blues Sea: a Tribute to the Titanic
on Blues Moon Radio 4/18/17
One of the most spectacularly memorable disasters in history, the sinking of the Titanic on 4/14-15/1912 was the subject of numerous films and songs. The disaster touched the world's heart and has remained a touchstone for tragedy ever since. Science continues to discover new data about the cause - and where to place the blame - for the incident, and we'll put some links to the newest information below, but tonight's show is to pay tribute to the lives lost and to the artists who were so wrapped up in the event that they felt the need to express their sorrows in song.

We will complete the tribute with songs from and about the sea.

Blues Moon Radio's artists of the week are two born this day:
Eurreal "Little Brother" Montgomery and Clarence "Gatemouth Brown.
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Our recommended local Blues performance is Wednesday, April 19th at Foxfield, Luckyman Beall (pronounced Bell) with Bruce Clark on bass. Event invitation on Facebook.

And ... as if  you could... don't forget to turn in your taxes! You have a couple of hours to get them in the mail - I'd always suggest getting a certified signature required receipt - it's worth the measly bucks it will run you. Buys off a lot of unnecessary denials and justifications if the thing gets lost in the mail or mishandled.

Just one way to avoid the tax-day blues.
Mama knows. OH, how mama knows.

Here's the playlist:

We'll add:
AOTM Muddy Waters / Mad Love (I Want You to Want Me)

AOTW: Eurreal “Little Brother” Montgomery / Vicksburg Blues
 and Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown / Blues Power b/w It's All Right
SC Blues Historic AotW: Pink Anderson / Titanic
SC Blues Contemporary AotW: Laurence Luckyman Beall / Ten Foot Tall Blues

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Clair and RockyDawg (who was moral support during tax prep!)

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