Monday, September 14, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

Welcome back! Sorry to have been absent for so long, but it was all because of worthwhile wonderful musical things. I've left a placeholder in the previous post to go back and recall the notable events... but will need to take a bit to review and catch up. In the meantime, in an effort to get back on a weekly posting schedule, I am posting the playlist for this week's show:

It's year 26 and I'm reaching back into the dusty, musty library cuts that were part of the show's charm during its early years in the 1990s. Lots of Black Top, and other labels that kept us rockin' with the Blues in those days. The contemporary artists of that time are nearly our elder statesmen of it now... I, on the other hand, have not aged one second. Ahem. Yeah. Sure.

So, to celebrate those halcyon days, we're doing a WUSC reach-back... sprinkling among the (25 year old) oldies are some new cuts. I hope everyone enjoys this trip back in the nostalgia machine, and I know longtime listeners will recall many of these cuts that had us dancing in our seats, if not in the streets!

Of course we'll play our artist of the millenium, Drink Small (the Blues Doctor) as we do each week.


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