Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blues Moon Radio presents L.A. Blues, Pt. 2; Doctor Doctor and Lyme Disease Blues June 2, 1015

Blues Moon Radio 
L.A. Blues, Pt. 2; 
Doctor Doctor Doctor and Lyme Disease Blues 
June 2, 1015

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We'll complete the playlist we started last week, featuring music from artists who were/are associated with Los Angeles.

Then we'll pay a tribute to a dear friend whom we lost last week - a healer and kind soul who supported others with all his heart.

Another doctor, Drink Small (the Blues Doctor) will treat us to a couple of songs, then we'll talk about a fundraising effort for a South Carolina musician (who has Chicago connections) who is suffering debilitating effects from Lyme Disease. We've invited an expert in acute disease  epidemiology (they are the folks who study disease transmission and prevention) to tell us the recommended ways to lessen your risk from tick-borne diseases.

Our hearts go out to the friends, family and the brand new bride of Steve Jones, D.C., who is now with the angels, having been one here on earth for a lot of people. He helped Drink Small play again... and was a dear friend to us. He will be dearly missed.

Those who wish to may contribute to help defray the medical costs not covered by insurance for Will Salley at the Web page: www.willsalley.com (then click on WillStock).

You can find information about Lyme Disease at:
www.scdhec.gov on their Lyme disease page
and from

Next week, we hope to have some amazingly wonderful news to announce - y'all stay tuned and be good to one another in both small and large ways... please?

And when you stop by Papa Jazz... tell them you enjoy the show! Help great music continue to stream from the Midlands by supporting those who support us. We thank you!

Our playlists for the evening: (we'll start with Cut #4)

Love and light,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

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