Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blues Moon Radio - Los Angeles Influences May 26, 2015

West Coast... Los Angeles... Hollywood... you don't think "Blues" right off the bat (movies, actors, celebrities come to mind), do you? But, a fan of the show and music aficionado got me to thinking about putting the focus on LA Blues, so I looked into that and was surprised to find so many connections.

It was quite a festive romp through the research to find some artists with connections to L.A. - they might have been born there, raised there, moved there late in life, started a record company there, or... died there.

We'll start with some who were born or raised, and then those who moved there or had significant career highlights there. We've got far too many for one show (in three hours of research, I followed up on 500 links out of a possible 12,200 - so yeah... more material than one show can hold).

So perhaps we'll cycle back next week and finish. Here are the possible picks for tonight's show (note that we always play Drink Small, our artist of the Millennium; and we're promoting Skipp Pearson's CD release party Thursday night - check out his page for more information).

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