Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist and Artist of the Month, Mac Arnold, July 1, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Artist of the Month
for July, 2014

This Tuesday Blues Moon Radio will celebrate three things:

1) Mac Arnold's 72nd birthday (June 30). Mac is from the Upstate of South Carolina but has played all ovr the country and has shared a stage with many a Blues legend on his way to becoming one himself. Hear him talk about his early years in the same band with James Brown; being a part of the formation and production of Soul Train; playing in Chicago with Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, among many others; and probably most importantly to Mac, playing with Plate Full O'Blues, living in the country, fishing, growing his own food and opening his new restaurant, Mac Arnold's Blues Restaurant at 1237 Pendleton in Greenville,S.C.

2) RockyDawg, Blues Defender's birthday is July 1st, so - as co-host - he has selected quite a few of his favorite dog songs, including Drink Small, the Blues Doctor's Coon Dog Blues. A-Roo-Roo-Roo to all of Yoo Yoo Yoo from our beloved mascot, co-host and source of inspiration and happiness.

3) The actual (and correct this time... a little oopsie on the math last year) start of our Silver Anniversary Celebration. We will celebrate all year long and play the very best in Blues and make efforts to have a wonderful array of artists represented through their music and interviews.

Stay tuned!

Tonight's playlist:

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