Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Nov. 15, 2011 Blues for Kee

 Howdy, y'all... yes, this is the Blues Moon Radio Playlist post for Tuesday Nov. 15, 2011:

Kee  Kee imitating "Bootsy Collins"
I don't usually get personal on my Blues page, but some of you - esp my FB pals - know that one of my earliest and strongest passions besides music is horses.

I have been fortunate to learn from some great horsemen and women and have had a parallel career "retraining" horses who are considered "unmanageable" or "dangerous." My sense is that few if any animals are truly bad-tempered, they just have been treated or trained poorly, and I work to rescue them from a downward slide.

So I am asking my listeners and Blues pals this: please pray for Kee, the Red Horse, aka: (affectionately) Stinkerbell"... who is in terrible trouble and who has such a big heart. This show is dedicated to all things horse and red because he is a hot little chestnut with as much spirit as any horse I've ever trained.  I've been working with him for four years and he recently experienced a life-threatening problem that is breaking my heart and might take him from us. I love this rambunctious bit of equine TNT so much it is hard to imagine because he started out as the least reachable (read that as meanest, most dangerous) horse I've ever worked with and is now such a sweetie pie and fine riding horse.

Kee is critically ill, and although he is valiantly struggling to make it  - I think because he knows he finally has a safe home where he is loved and treated very well - it will be a long haul to recovery, if he can even recover.

His owner - who adores animals as much as I do - plucked Kee out of the downward spiral of the "last chance" sales, where Kee had been several times, with his bad habits passed along to the next unsuspecting owner, and she and I have worked despite personal frustration and a string of Kee-induced injuries to bring this fella into the light of happiness and good treatment and is to be commended for her dedication and concern for this former "throwaway."

She and the vet and the farrier and I are working hard and expending lots of resources so this little equine tornado might beat the odds, which are against us right now, so all prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated.

Thank you...  Kee's playlist for tonight:

Tommy Johnson / Ridin' Horse

Charley Patton / Stone Pony Blues

Mary Johnson / Key to the Mountain

Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry / Key to the Highway

Billy Lee Riley / Red Hot

Robert Johnson / They're Red Hot

Bex Marshall / Red Light

Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo / Red Light

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup/ That's Your Red Wagon

Elvin Bishop / Red Dog Speaks

Lead Belly / Red Bird

Nappy Brown / Cherry Red

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson / Cherry Red

Little Arthur King / Red Top Ornithology

Howlin' Wolf / Little Red Rooster

Melvin Lil' Son Jackson / Red River Blues

Louisiana Red / Red's Vision

Harlem Hamfats / Oh! Red

Todd Rhodes / Blues for the Red Boy

Go RED MAN! We love you Kee Kee!

We'll also play some other music that didn't manage to fit on some earlier shows - we recycle here at WUSC and Blues Moon Radio. We are Red (for Kee), Blues (for music) and Green (for recycling!).

Clair and RockyDawg...
Additional Playlist items:

Bo Diddley / I'm a Man
Eddie Boyd / Five Long Years

Anthony Gomes  / Music is the Medicine
Hollywood Blue Flames / Music Man
Jeff Gates / Dangerous / You Make Me

Good night, y'all... good night my Sweet Kee!

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