Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for 11/1/11 (Nov. 1, 2011)

It's FUNdraiser week at WUSC FM - please check out our page at www.wusc.sc.edu and click on the "support" link across the top bar.

Kids - it's a crazy week here in BluesMoonVille... got a great show tonight - but will be honest... it's FUNdraiser week and we'll be asking for money to keep our station going - and to be honest, it's a student station and they keep the oldsters around in part because we play a ROCKIN' show with lots of history and info that fits our educational licensing requirements, but also because we tend to rake in enough dough to subsidize our airtime. So... help a girl grow her show from 22 to 23... support WUSC to the fullest extent the law and yer wallet allows. We will rock you with some great tunes tonight... 6 p.m. ET/USA.

 If you donate online, <www.wusc.sc.edu> please comment in support of Blues Moon Radio... it helps me keep my slot if they can track the source of the donation to Blues Moon listeners... :) Thank you all... and if your only donation is to keep listening and making nice comments... that makes a great difference, too. I know times are hard for so many and I hope we all come out soon on the other side of these hard time Blues. :)

Hugs from Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, from Blues Moon Radio

Now for tonight's playlist ... subject to change...

Keb' Mo' - Love Blues (if you love Blues, hope you will keep me on the air with your support!)

Irene Scruggs - The Voice of the Blues (note... keep that voice going here at WUSC, please)

Luther Allison - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (ahem - that's pretty blunt, isn't it?)

Geoff Achison and Randall Bramlett - One Ticket, One Ride (we give you Blues all year... and want to continue but need support).

Isaac Scott - Help! (self-explanatory... and we thank you for your help... esp you long-time supporters! Yay YOU!)

Doctor Ross - Juke Box Boogie (keep your Blues juke box playin'!)

Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo - She's Good at What She Does (if you agree, help me keep doing what I do)

Yank Rachell - Dreamy Eyed Woman (me when I get my slot back next semester after groundswells of support in the Fall).

Al Hibbler - It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got that Swing (change the last word to Ka-Chiiiiing!) :)

Jimmy Witherspoon - Everything But You (you got it... we rely on you - our devoted listeners - because without YOU out there listening, I would not need to come do a show - keep me able to come and bring you the best in historic roots and Blues as well as new contemporary Blues!).

Wynonie Harris - The Comeback (Don't you want me to come back for another year here... won't that be fun?)

Muddy Waters - The Same Thing (same show you've always loved, just different songs... )

Muddy Waters - I'm Ready (watch out!)

Sonny Boy Williamson - Collector Man Blues (the quicker we reach our goal, the quicker I stop asking!)

Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring it on Home (you know you want to give... :)

Lester Williams - Wintertime Blues (it's getting colllllllld up in heah!)

Lonnie Brooks - Feast or Famine (for a lot of us... if you cannot give money, write a few nice comments on the site at

www.bluesmoonradio.blogspot.com or on Blues Moon Radio on Facebook. That helps, too! and we THANK you just for listening, too!)

T-Bone Walker - Strollin' with Bones (gotta make our bones)

Robin Rogers - Hittin' on Nothin'

Robin Rogers - What We are Worth (Best radio station in the "whole #$$% world" according to many... but you decide - five dollars or a hundred dollars... all pledges help and the small ones add up fast and are appreciated greatly - thank YOU ALL!)

The Paladins - Re"jive"inated (that's what Blues Moon Radio will be with your support).

Special additional music from the BRAND NEW CD from the Cash Box Kings (how on earth did I choose THEM for tonight's show, you wonder?).

Call in your pledge during the hours of 6-8 p.m. tonight at 803-777-WUSC (5872 for the alpha-impaired! , mail a check earmarked for WUSC to Student Media, University of South Carolina, USC Russell House Columbia SC 29208 or donate online at
then click on support...
...and thanks.
YOU put the U in WUSC! Please be sure to mention you love Blues Moon Radio with Clair DeLune. :) And let me know you donated if you do so by mail or online so I can thank you personally. :)

In other news, thanks to dear friend, Rocky Faith (not RockyDawg... but two Rocks are better than one), the Rock Doc for guest hosting tonight's show... and a VERY special happy birthday to Miss Charlotte Valentine. Smart, gorgeous, funny and talented. I'd hate her if we weren't besties! She's the "Got It All" gal. Festivities will abound!

Find happiness where you can, my friends... it grows best if it is picked when it is blossoming.

I am grateful for my great listeners and supporters and friends!

Clair DeLune

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