Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Live show featuring Laurence "Luckyman" Beall at Utopia Weds

Blues Moon Radio "Blues Chick's pick of the week":

Laurence "Luckyman" Beall
Appearing LIVE
Weds., Aug. 3, 2011 at Utopia Grill
3830 Rosewood Drive
Columbia SC

No cover; no minimum
Great food!

The Carolinas ‘Get Lucky’

(COLUMBIA, S.C.)  One of the Carolinas’ newest residents, musician Laurence “Luckyman” Beall,  is touring the region and spreading good luck to all who are fortunate enough to see and hear his music.

The Carolinas “got Lucky” when Beall relocated to the Midlands area of South Carolina recently after a short  stop in Huntsville, Alabama, where he recorded his well-received CD, “Laurence ‘Luckyman’ Beall: The Huntsville Sessions.” Although he collaborated on the production of that CD, his recent tour showcases him solo – which allows Beall to interact with his audiences to their amusement and delight. So, now we are the lucky ones.

Sporting the Western-style dress and duck-tail hairstyle that emerged when Rock’n’Roll was young, Beall (pronounced ‘Bell’) is as serious about the audience enjoying themselves as he is about his music – a mix of Blues, Rockabilly and Americana that would get any mule kicking in its stall.

At the 11th annual Greenwood Blues Cruise last weekend, attendees cruised from one venue to another sampling the Blues acts and stopping to be rocked to their socks by the Luckyman, who incites the crowd with banter and stories between rip-roaring numbers.

“The Deacon: Laurence ‘Luckyman’ Beall, is alive and well here at the "Tabernacle Of The Good Luck Gospel,” Bell shouted out, as if a barker for a potion for what ails you – that is, if what ails you is a need for some good luck and that good luck is shepherded to one through exposure to his high-energy music.

“You can learn about right and wrong and good and evil at church. You can learn about the three ‘Rs’ of readin’, ’ritin’ and ’rithmetic in school,” Beall shouts out between songs. “But the only place you can learn about increasing your good luck exponentially is at the ‘Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel!’”

Those who see Beall perform are impressed and charmed by his vibrant personality as well as his intense musicianship, comprised of powerful lyrics and melody, and a unique approach to electric chicken-pickin’ guitar work. Clair DeLune, host of Blues Moon Radio, has become an enthusiastic convert to “the Luckified.”

“After I learned about Lucky being in the area, I booked him on The Blues Moon Radio Show as soon as possible,” DeLune said. “His performance was so popular that listeners called in with compliments and requests for weeks.”

Beall emancipated himself at the “ripe old age of 15” and has been touring as a self-supporting musician ever since. His travels have included pickup jobs off stage as well as on. Some jobs had the unanticipated “benefit” of becoming source material for songs. Beall writes most of his material from experiences – either personal or because he is a keen observer of life.

“You have to jump on those life moments that come your way,” Beall said. “I’ve learned to keep a pencil and paper handy so I don’t lose a great song idea. ‘She Make a Bulldog Break His Chain’ was something a co-worker uttered about a particularly attractive sunbather who was viewable from our job site, so I had to run to my truck to write the song down just the way he said it before that inspiration was lost.”

Upcoming appearances in the Midlands include an early show the new Utopia on Wednesday, Aug. 3 (no cover); and the Carolina Downhome Blues Festival this fall, and across the Carolinas and Georgia in-between. Information about his music, reviews and calendar are available at www.laurencebeall.com

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