Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blues Moon Playlist for Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tonight's playlist will contain the following, and much, much more as they say in the old ads...

The Carter Brothers - Southern Country Boy
Yank Rachell - Bugle Call
Lightnin' Hopkins - December 7th, 1941
Lizzie Miles - My Man O'War
The Sparks Brothers -  4-11-44
Johnny Shines - So Cold In Vietnam
Mississippi Moaner - It's Cold in China Blues
Little Willie John - All Around the World
Sonny Boy Williamson - Win the War Blues
Sam Chatmon - Vicksburg Blues
Willie Dixon - Study War No More
Leonard Carbo - Pigtails and Blue Jeans
William Clarke - Teenage Girl
Eddie Boyd - Third Degree
Little Junior's Blue Flames - Fussin' and Fightin' Blues
Chuck Willis - I Rule My House
Jelly Jaw Short - Grand Daddy Blues
Baby Dee - I Want to See My Daddy
The Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, Alabama - Standing By the Bedside of a Neighbor
Delta Big Four - I Know My Time Ain't Long
The Caravans - Walk Around Heaven All Day
Sugar Ray and the Bluetones - The Last Blues Song b/w End Time

Dedicated to Sweet Old Buster... :) with love!

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