Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blues Moon Playlist - Aug. 23, 2011


Hour 1
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo / It Is What It Is / 10:49
Ben Prestage - Tell the Devil I'm Gone / One Crow Murder
Billy Thompson - Are You Ready / A Better Man
Bobby Messano - More Than Meets the Eye / That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues
Davis Coen - What's Wrong / Can't Get There From Here
Henry Gray - Out On the Road / Lucky Man
Hope Waits - Cigarettes and Coffee / Hope Waits
Ruff Kutt Blues Band - Cut Like a Knife / Mill Block Blues

Hour 2 (7-8 p.m.)
Bobby Messano - San Antone / That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo - My Turn / 10:49
Ben Prestage - One Crow Murder / One Crow Murder
Billy Thompson - Who Knew / A Better Man
Davis Coen - Soft of Heaven / Can't Get There From Here
Hope Waits - Get Behind the Mule / Hope Waits
Ruff Kutt Blues Band - The Fowler Street Tumble / Mill Block Blues

We are also featuring additional new music throughout the evening.

Among our featured players are:

Grace Askew - Jupe - Grace Askew and the Black Market Goods
Our mutual friend, Davis Coen (above), responded to a question about what he loves about her music on the CD "Grace Askew and Black Market Goods" by saying, "I think it's powerful because it's simple and the songwriting and guitar and vocals are natural and nothing seems forced. That's something that I admire most about her because I feel myself consciously trying to achieve that when it just seems born into her."

Shelley Hardinge, the Hip-Shakin' Mama - Rooster Stew - Reclaim Your Land
Our Hip-Shakin' Mama from our Northern neighbor, Canada, has had quite a time of it with her music being pirated illegally (redundant, but you cannot stress the impact of illegal downloading enough when it comes to artists not being able to make a living from what they do). How about be a sport and get her music legally via ITunes? The CD is "Reclaim Your Land."

Blues Moon Radio loves our home-based Carolina Blues musicians - so we want to share our musical treasures with the world:

Gaffney, S.C. musician Jeff Gates from "You Make Me" has impressed me not only with his music, but because he is just a darned nice, polite fellow.

North Carolina's Jon Shain Trio entertained me on my way up to Charlotte lately - so much so, I listened to them on the way back as well. Old-time Blues sound with some rowdy, hokum lyrics - fun! A bit of a departure for Jon and I loved every minute... twice!

This is the time of year Blues Moon Radio focuses on contemporary Blues. So ship me your CD, let me know if your lyrics are FCC compliant or not (song by song basis) and we'll see if we can get your music featured, too. If I have your CD already, it might be waiting to spring from the pack and get on the air... call, e-mail or FB me, sweetie and remind me to go pull your gem from the hoi polloi. I'm in a reviewing mood, babies.

We are in mourning over the loss of Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stoller. We will fill the show with some tunes in tribute to the sheer magnitude of impact their songs had on music (and me personally - probably you, too). Tears are being shed. Tears of gratitude and sorrow.

Y'all take care and treasure every moment.

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