Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blues Moon radio show for Sept. 15, 2009

Access to Google was blocked last week, so please pardon that the show was not posted to the Blues Moon blog as it happened.

We hope you enjoyed a bit of a departure from the Blues Highway as we turned onto Rockabilly Road.

Thanks for tuning in - thanks for all the great calls to the station and the e-mails to bluesgoddess@gmail.com with your comments.

Of course you are welcome to comment here - and I'm now on Facebook (yes, it's Tuh-Rue, y'all!). Catch me there via Clair DeLune (there's more than one of us - the noive of some peeps - so I guess some good search terms would be WUSC, Blues Moon or South Carolina). Hope that helps and hope I see you there.

If I don't know you personally, please take a moment to send me a note letting me know why you want to "friend" me (otherwise you could be some Schmo from Kokomo wanting to sell me some Joe).


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