Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blues Moon Radio Show Playlist for June 2, 2009

Happy June, y'all... hope the weather is treating you well and that you are all healthy and happy - but if not... well then, have I got a show for you this evening!

I was under the weather last week, and hope you will forgive my absence from the air waves. The show was hexed or vexed -- I'm not sure which -- and so was I. No matter how I tried I could not get the whammy off me. I meant to buy a lottery ticket (because, as my friend John says, "Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy off a whole lot of unhappiness"), so I was even giving that a try.

I arrived too late to buy a ticket for the $222 million dollar pot-o-dough, which I was told someone in Minot S.D. had apparently won. It was meant to come to "My HOUSE, S.C.!" Again, the whammy. I guess it was "Why not Minot?" and Lord knows if you can live out a winter in that neck of the world, you deserve some bounty, baby.

I asked to buy a ticket for the next go-round and the clerk told me it wasn't worth my while - the pot was only twenty million. I said I'd just have to learn to scrimp and I thought I could deal with that little bit of scratch... she and I both laughed.

Sorry for the long lead-in to this week's show plans - a special day... Marconi patents the radio (and that cheese dish I like so well... "Marconi" and cheese. Ahem.) That and other things that have happened in history on June 2 and the Blues songs those events triggered in my mind.

Celebrating on June 2…
Guglielmo Marconi patents the radio in 1896 – thanks, Gugli! – and Rolling Stones 1st U.S. concert tour debuts in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1964 – wish I could have seen them live and in person then…

SET 1~~~~~~ 1981 Barbara Walters asks Katharine Hepburn what kind of tree she would be
Eddie Fontaine_Nothin’s Shakin (But the Leaves on the Trees)_Chess Rhythm & Roll Disc 3_
Deborah Coleman_Bendin Like a Willow Tree_Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 1
Eddie Taylor_Peach Tree Blues_Testament Records Sampler

SET 2~~~~~~ 1989 14 year-old Scott Isaacs spells “spoliator” to win the 1989 Spelling Bee
Geoff Achison_Queen Bee-Lovin in My Baby’s Eyes_Acho Solo
Louisiana Red_King Bee_Midnight Rambler [Rhino
Muddy Waters_Honey Bee_Atlantic Blues- Chicago Blues Masters
Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie_Bumble Bee_Blues Masters, Vol. 12- Memphis Blues

SET 3~~~~~~ 1989 10,000 Chinese soldiers are blocked by 100,000 citizens protecting students
demonstrating for democracy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Lonnie Johnson w-Jim McHarg’s Metro Stompers_China Boy_Stompin’ at the Penny
~~~~~~ 1986 Regular TV coverage of U.S. Senate sessions begins
Jimmy Anderson_Goin Crazy over TV_House Rockin & Hip Shakin’, Vol. 2- Louisiana Hoodoo Party
Elmore James_TV Mama_The Sky Is Crying- The History of Elmore James
~~~~~~ 1957 U.S. TV interviews Khrushchev
Sister Dora Alexander_Russia, Let God’s Moon Alone-Times Done Changed_Blues Masters, Vol. 10- Blues Roots

SET 4~~~~~~ 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey
Robert Johnson_Little Queen of Spades_The Story of the Blues [Sony] Disc 1
Robert Lockwood, Jr_Little Queen of Spades_Blues Routes- Heroes & Tricksters
Omar & the Howlers_Mississippi Queen_Big Delta

SET 5~~~~~~ 1935 Babe Ruth, 40, announces his retirement as a player
James Cotton_My Babe_Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 1
Napoleon Strickland Fife & Drum Band_My Babe_Testament Records Sampler
~~~~~~ 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt authorizes 1st swimming pool built inside the White House
Melvin Taylor & the Slack Band_Dirty Pool_Evidence Blues Sampler- Six

SET 6~~~~~~ 1910 Pygmies discovered in Dutch New Guinea
Little Charlie & the Nightcats_Poor Tarzan_Alligator Records 35X35 Disc 1
Eddie C. Campbell_King of the Jungle_Rooster Blues Records- 1980-2000 Sampler
The Mills Brothers_Jungle Fever_Tribute to Black Entertainers Disc 1
Papa Charlie Jackson_Jungle Man Blues_Blues Images Presents 1920’s Blues Classics, Vol. 2
Pee Wee Crayton_Hey, Little Dreamboat_Legends of the Blues

Technical Difficulties - the planned music for the second half of the show will not be played - but we'll fill in with some great music... you can tune in to the playlist at

Sorry for the trouble!

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