Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blues Moon Radio Easter-feaster, taxes and birthdays

Good evening, everyone... tonight's theme revolves around three things:

Easter, the taxman and Blues Birthdays this week...

Here's where we are headed tonight, musically speaking... enjoy! Refresh your screen regularly to see the updates...

Easter_Shemekia Copeland_& Gator Bites
Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald_A-Tisket, A-Tasket_Tribute to Black Entertainers Disc 2
Wynonie Harris_Mr. Blues Jumped the Rabbit_The Blues [Blue City] Disc 3_
Sonny Terry_Ham And Eggs_Livin' The Blues

SET 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Taxing matters
Sleepy John Estes_Government Money_Blues Guitar Greats
Johnny Copeland_Everybody Wants a Piece of Me_Honky Tonkin'
Little Junior Parker_Taxman_Best of the Blues

SET 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blues Birthdays
Bessie Smith_Keeps on a-Rainin'/ Papa He Can't Make No Time_Complete Rec. v1
Born 4/15/1898
Frank Frost_Midnight Prowler_Deep Blues
Born 4/15/1936
Piano Red_Jump Man Jump_Blues Masters, Vol. 14-More Jump Blues
Born 4/16/1905 - also known as John "Memphis Piano Red" Williams

SET 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Blues Birthdays
Johnny Littlejohn_I Got My Nose Open_Genuine Mississippi Blues
Johnny Littlejohn_I Wanna Go Home_Genuine Mississippi Blues
Born 4/16/1931
Lonnie Shields_Fistful of Dollars_Rooster Blues Records- 1980-2000 Sampler
Born 4/17/1956

SET 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Blues Birthdays
Byther Smith_I'm in a Hole_Blues Guitar Masters [Easydisc]
Born 4/17/1933 - check out his Web site - he's been touring a bit and you might catch him: http://www.bythersmithweb.com/
Eurreal "Little Brother" Montgomery_Ain't Nobody Here But Me_Rare Chicago Blues
Born 4/18/1906
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown_The Drifter_Okie Dokie Stomp
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown_Sometimes I Slip_Okie Dokie Stomp
Born 4/18/1924

SET 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wrappin' up this week's Blues Birthdays
Doctor Clayton_Killing Floor Blues_Full Spectrum Blues Disc 4
Born 4/19/1898
Johnny Fuller_You Got Me Whistlin'_Chess Rhythm & Roll Disc 3
Born 4/20/1929

SET 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last week's Blues Birthdays & Deep and Early Delta Blues
Tommy Johnson Cool Drink of Water Blues Rough Guide To Delta Blues
Charley Patton High Water Everywhere, Part 1 Rough Guide To Delta Blues
Born 4 /?/1891
Charley Patton Revenue Man Mississippi Blues Disc 1

SET 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More of last week's Blues Birthdays & Deep and Early Delta Blues
Tommy McClennan Des'e My Blues Full Spectrum Blues Disc 1
Tommy McClennan Mozelle Blues The Blues (Smithsonian) V3
Born 4/8/1908
Carl Martin Badly Mistreated Man East Coast Blues
Born 4/1/1906

Thanks for tuning in again this week... if you might be in NC this weekend, try and catch Charlie Musselwhite in Winston-Salem. Information: http://www.charliemusselwhite.com

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