Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bues Moon update on Cora and Nappy's music room

Last week's absence in order to trek up to Newberry County to present to the zoning commission was worthwhile even though I missed doing the show.

I was impressed with the number of people who came to support Cora's attempt to keep a music room open on her property, the same way she and Nappy Brown always had. Once our favorite pastor explained the heart behind the effort, the commissioner of the zoning board provided some thoughtful and insightful ways to rethink the issue and still remain in compliance. All seemed to win.

When Michael Bedenbaugh, the commissioner, asked who might be speaking against the plea, the pastor said "we have lots of supporters who want to speak for her variance," to which the commissioner responded wryly, "Don't I know that"... and said it probably wouldn't be necessary. It all got worked out without us having to say a word. Just the threat of having to hear me speak got the entire thing pushed through - I'll have to tuck that little tidbit away for future needs.

"Don't make me use my voice! I'll speak, I swear I will!" ha!

Seriously, I told sweet Miss Cora that I've never been so pleased not to be needed in my life. :)

I know Nappy must be lighting heaven up with his big smile about Cora keeping his legacy alive for the next generation and is pleased about how many people love and care for her - but you get back what you give out in this world, and Cora gives a lot of love to a lot of people who need it. What a warm-hearted person - we could use more like her.

Kudos to the Zoning Commission of Newberry County SC - nice little town with some broad-minded people. Not THAT kind of broad. People, please. Keep it clean. This ain't no blues show!!! Oh, wait. It kind of is.

Thanks also to Tut, Ruthe & Rip and Harry for coming and to Aida, Henri and Sam for good advice.

Cora, you are the best and we love you...

Keep a good thought... clair delune

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