Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blues Moon radio show playlist

Tonight's show - top to bottom - dedicated to our favorite Birthday Boy, Drink Small! :)
Make sure to visit www.bluesbash.com for the next Blues extravaganza in Charleston SC from 2/6 to 2/16

Big Joe Williams - Delta Blues
Willie "Long Time" Smith - Homeless Blues
Michelle Willson - Half past the Blues
Tracy Nelson - Send me to the 'lectric chair
Ruth Brown - Sold my heart to the Junkman
Guitar Shorty - Old Time Sake
Bobby Radcliff - Bonehead
Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers - Night's End
Charley Patton - Shake it and Break it
Hunter & Jenkins - Lollypop
Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Cherry Ball Blues
Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang - Hot Fingers
Ben Curry - The Laffing Rag
Jazz Gillum as Bill McKinley - Is that a Monkey You Got?
Tommy Johnson - Alcohol and Jake Blues b/w Ridin' Horse
Drink Small - I Feel Good ***Happy Birthday to Drink Small - 76 on 1/28***
Memphis Jug Band - Gator Wobble
Dexter Gordon - Cry Me a River
Elmore James - The Sky is Crying
Ella Johnson - Tired of Crying Over You
Mississippi Jook Band - Barbecue Bust
Peter Chatman - Diggin' My Potatoes (2)
Big Joe and the Dynaflows - Smells like Bar-B-Q
Al Copley - Elegie
Clarence Hollimon - Gristle's Improvisations

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