Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Music for Moolah at WUSC this week: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WUSC fundraisers used to be called Moolah for Music, because we'd play songs you requested if you pledged. Well, this week we will have a twist on the old school pledge drive with Music about Moolah - and we hope you will give to our station because we are an educational station that has a shoestring budget, volunteer djs and we serve up the best music you never knew you loves... obscure, rare, and either so old or so new it squeaks (really - isn't that funny? Same outcome on both sides of the spectrum - just proves life is really a 360 deal, eh?).

So please mail your checks to:
WUSC-FM Fundraiser (notation: bc Blues Moon w/Clair DeLune)
 RHUU Rm 343
1400 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29208

And if you want to include a note that you gave because you love Blues Moon with Clair DeLune (or insert your even more favorite show and dj so they'll get the pat on the back and keep their show slot for another term) it helps management get the idea of whom to bring back and feature in the prime time slots.

We love that you listen, we want to spend time on the music and info about the artists, so we won't stop out to take requests... we'll show our love for you showing your love by staying on the air another term. How's that for fair?

Thanks so much!

Here is Tuesday's playlist (with some surprises from an old moolah playlist from 2009 - I might trot some of those out).


Keep me aboard for Year 28 with your contributions... we're not doing the online fundraiser this time, so if you can send a check, or call the Student Media business office to donate by credit card, I guess that's how we'll win this horse race. We cannot do it without you and my fans are the best... you always keep the grooves going around and the jook joint swingin'!

Rocky and I luvs ya lots!
Clair and RockyDawg

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