Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Featured tonight: Artists who appear at the Carolina Downhome Blues Fest Oct 6-8, 2016

Welcome, Blues fans!
Tonight's Blues Moon Radio show will kick off as we pay tribute to an artist we lost about ten days ago... Stanley Dural, better known as Buckwheat Zydeco has entertained and uplifted fans for decades and will be missed.

Next, we'll feature artists' music who are playing at the:

20th Annual Carolina Downhome Blues Festival

810 Lyttleton ST
Camden, SC 29020
Phone: (803) 425-7676
City: Camden
Where: Midlands of South Carolina
From Camden, S.C.'s Chronicle Independent newspaper:
"For 20 years, the Carolina Downhome Blues Festival has been known for its legendary blues artists from around the globe, performing in multiple venues in a “close-up and personal” atmosphere, as well as its “blues crawl” format. Deemed by Southern Living as a “destination weekend,” the Carolina Downhome Blues Festival attracts both blues aficionados as well as new fans new to the blues music genre. All access armbands are $5 for Thursday and $10 for Friday and Saturday and will be available for purchase along with commemorative t-shirts, limited edition 20th Annual Carolina Downhome Blues posters, and cups at the opening party; as well as at Blues venues throughout the weekend. A full schedule with location sites and times is available online. Please note that the schedule is subject to change without notice."

For tickets and information, please click on: FINE ARTS CENTER  ... READ MORE: http://www.chronicle-independent.com/section/29/article/45843/

Blues Moon Radio's playlist is going to be drawn from many of the artists playing, and also celebrating a famous dog, Freedom Ryder, who was granted an honorary baccalaureus, and who was graduated Summa Cum Rodentia (holding the world record for squirrel chasing on the Horseshoe), and who has been featured in a book about South Carolina places (State of the Heart - USC Press) for his many years on campus at USC back in the early '70s.

It was nearly 45 years ago that this 100+ pound German Shepherd came running up to me, put his paws on my shoulders, stood on his haunches and licked my face silly until I agreed to talk my parents and housemates into letting me keep him.

He was a couple of years old at the time, had been roaming the streets for about a year, and managed to live (with great care and much love) well into his 17th year - went everywhere with me; attended college; trotted alongside the horse on long rides; slept next to my bed at night; and eventually left home and worked for a brief stint one summer as a shrimper down at the coast, but returned shortly thereafter claiming he loved squirrels and sticks so much more than stinky old shrimpies.

He was the first of my three GSDs and everyone's friend in town and along the coast. World's biggest flirt and handsome as the day is long. He knew more people than I did.

So, how could I not dedicate this anniversary to my sweet, smart Ryder, the Mute Galoot?

Please, enjoy the show, attend as many events in Camden as you can, support live Blues and be mindful of the coming storm, Hurricane Matthew. Blessings and good wishes for anyone in its path.

Let's all face eastward and blow that Hurry-Cane back out to sea!

Be safe, my blues buddies!
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender - my loyal, beautiful, brilliant and darling GSD co-host of Blues Moon Radio.

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