Monday, May 30, 2016

Blues, Food and Mules to haul it your way Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blues Moon Radio for Tuesday May 31, 2016
Food and mule-themed shows
We knew we'd "cooked" too many Blues-food-themed songs last week; so we put them in cold storage for this week... things are heating up and many of these wonderful tunes were suggested by listeners... so once again, we welcome you to sit down, strap on your bib and get ravenous!
We'll also feature some songs about mules. Most of us are trained to think of mules as stubborn, balky creatures. However, mules are very hard workers and are one of the keys to this country's development, especially in the West and in any agrarian-based community. Mules are a mix of a horse and donkey (and depending on whether the donkey is the sire or not, you get a different type of mule). Mules combine the best of both breeds of equine, and sometimes the worst of both - but that's rare and can probably be attributed to its human not knowing how to treat it.
A horse is a very willing creature and will work itself to death to please its human(s). A mule won't. A mule knows when you have piled that last straw atop a wagon, or plowed one too many furrows and will not take one more step that puts its life/health at risk.
A mule will sit down and refuse to budge when it knows it is being asked to do too much for its survival.

"Let's sit down and talk this out, shall we, fellas?"
So, because I admire much about a mule - especially that aspect of self-preservation, and because I have the tendencies of a horse (meaning I let people pile more and more "To-Do's" on me until I drop) I am learning to sit down when there's too much plopped atop my wagon.

I often hear about jobs where they make their people work harder and harder; thus, over the years it just becomes impossible to meet expectations. Sometimes you just have to employ self-protection, so this portion of the show is for you folks... and it is called: "Ain't plowin' the Lower 40."

Go mules!
But first, we'll treat you right and "feed" you the way we should! Here are more great food-themed songs to treat our listeners to:

Here are our mule songs - and I'm having a real gee-haw moment (I wonder if that's where the term yee-haw came from? Gee is right and haw is left for a mule team... hmmm?).
Finally, in the "warming oven" ... for June 7 - even more food treats!:

Thank you for tuning in...
Now: I'm hopping on my mule and galloping off to eat! I'm starving!
See you Tuesday for some super tasty "licks" on Blues Moon Radio!
Lickin' our chops,
Clair DeLune and Rocky Dawg, Blues Defender

As always we thank our underwriters, who help bring great music to the Midlands, because we could not imagine our show without their input and support:  Papa Jazz Record Shoppe, the UU Coffeehouse and California Republic Stand Up Paddleboards in Leesville near Lake Murray.

You can link to these orgs by clicking on the visuals...

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