Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, March 17, 2015 "Green Blues"

We're glad to be back on the air this week after a much-needed Spring Break respite when the University students were off on adventures and the studio was closed outside of business hours - but we used the time wisely to meet our "cover deadline" for the upcoming history of South Carolina Blues book - to be published this fall by Arcadia Press.

We are indebted to the fine folks at South Caroliniana Library and the Moving Image Resource Collections staff who helped us capture a "new" photograph for the cover from a 1926 reel of MovieTone News footage. Remarkable technology - and what they are doing to preserve valuable culturally iconic images on film is commendable. So pleased to have had these amazing Gamecocks on my team!

Now, we are back on the air on St. Patrick's Day and "The Blues" has a tinge of green tonight. We'll play our green-based Blues; then finish up with music that we didn't have time for on our fundraiser show from March 3.

Next week, we'll pay tribute to the fabulous Women of Blues for Women's History Month.

Tonight's Green Blues listings follow, and you can track the addenda from 3/3 on the previous post.

"Look, Ma! Hardy any snakes left!"
"Hush, Paddy, and don't speak a word until you kin tell me you are done wit'tha job, Boy-o."

and for you Monty Python fans... "There isn't much snake in it!"

Your Blues pals and hosts of Blues Moon Radio,
Clair and RockyDawg, Blues Defender


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