Monday, February 2, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 (Groundhog Day... ahem, again!)

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015
(Groundhog Day... ahem, again!)

Yes, we are revisiting Groundhog Day - in the hope that Phil or another beloved rodent will predict something other than six more weeks of winter... perhaps six more weeks of basketball? I think that's a pretty sure bet.

So, we'll do a little snowy weather, then a TON of Groundhog songs (cannot believe I have that many - so just wanted to share... even the cover versions); then we'll segue into all things spring - rain, flowers, and other spring things. Then, because it is our rainy season here in Sunny South Carolina, more rain songs.

We won't have time for all of this, but... we can always flood (yep, I went there) into next week's playlist. We had a devil of a time finishing last week, and there are some leftovers there, too... but no idea when we'll pick those back up.

Tonight's debut new music is from Kubek and King - Fat Man's Shine Parlor on Blind Pig Records. Such nice folks ... since we are on a watery flood theme, we'll select "River of Whiskey." Read more about the release and find artist bio on the Internet at:
and at: 

Don't forget, our locally-owned record store has the best Blues selection around and if they ain't got it, they'll go out and (try to) get it... and they rarely cannot find a recording that is on the market. So remember to check out Papa Jazz Record Shoppe in Five Points of Columbia SC...

Blues Moon Radio is brought to you in part by Papa Jazz and we are proud to be associated with this fine group of audiophiles.

As we do each week, we will also pay tribute to S.C.'s Ambassador of the Blues, Drink Small, the Blues Doctor with two songs:

Here are tonight's playlists - we won't have time to play them all, but we'll pick and choose.from these lists.

Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enj... and so forth.

Is it just me or are the months getting shorter?
Ba-dum-pum. Sorry. I'll stop.
Soon... I promise.

Thanks for tuning in, y'all,
Clair and RockyDawg

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