Monday, September 8, 2014

Retro Post for August 2014 - TBA

Things went a little off the rails in August and there was no extra second to keep up the Blues Moon Radio playlists and blog ... if I ever have time, I'd like to go back and do a retro post for historical accuracy... this is a placeholder in case I catch up enough from the overflow to achieve that goal... fingers crossed!

Sometimes, just lowering your expectations can decrease stress levels enough to allow more to happen than if you put pressure on yourself. Maybe that will facilitate the completion of the posts for this month of amazing production despite many obstacles - some planned, some out of the Blue(s).

Y'all practice good self-care out there, too. Figure out what works for you and what can manage to go undone without harm to you, your loved ones or the universe. Do what works best for you. One strategy that helps me is to start from where you are. Get that under control, then go back and try to add in what you might have missed. Having to start from behind the starting gate is a no-win prospect.

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