Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 22, 2014 Johnny Winter, Mac Arnold, Drink Small and Rod Piazza featured tonight

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 22, 2014 

Johnny Winter, Mac Arnold, Drink Small and Rod Piazza featured tonight on Blues Moon Radio.

Missed all of you last week - there was a genuine Blues trauma and we appreciate your kind tidings throughout - keep them coming and we'll keep working on sending you the best Blues possible.

This week we lost a Blues legend, Johnny Winter. Many of you have written such wonderful stories and tributes to him online and we have been very touched by the loss of this powerful musician. It is a heartbreak to lose him - we've chosen a few of his songs to accompany him on his rise to Blues Heaven. You will be missed, Johnny. I was privileged to have had the chance to meet him several times on a professional level and develop a friendship with him, although nothing on the level of my many musician friends who spent much time with him, especially during the days he shared a stage and studio with Muddy Waters. 

We'll link our artist of the month, Mac Arnold, with Johnny Winters via Muddy Waters' music on tonight's show in tribute to this giant of Blues Rock. 

We will also debut a knockout CD by Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers - it is so good I had to bribe my car CD player to let it come in the studio with me. It's an "Emergency Situation"... SO good! Check him out on www.blindpigrecords.com.

Mac Arnold is our artist of the month and Drink Small is the artist of the year and we are working on getting these great SC artists much more recognition. Be the first on your SC (or better yet... non-SC) block to tell your friends to link up with these greats.

Find them on Facebook at Mac Arnold and Plate Full O'Blues and Drink Small, the Blues Doctor. Click LIKE and suggest the page to your friends, please. And hey, if you have an extra second or two, we'd sure love it if you'd LIKE Blues Moon Radio on FB and follow on Twitter - I'm also on Linked In (but barely) as Clair DeLune. Connect up... and tell us what pages we need to link up with, too... my Linked In e-mail is bluesmoonradio at gmail dot com.

Okay, here's tonight's playlist:

General Playlist

Birthday artists for July 15 and 22

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Many thanks for listening!
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg

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