Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist possibilities Tues., Feb. 18, 2014

We had another vile weather event (some of the vileness is still piled up under my ornamental bushes... ice ain't nice!

So, we didn't get to do a timely commemoration of Josh White's 100th birthday - well, that is just too important to miss, so we will wind the clock back as best we can (where is my donkey wheel when I need it? John Locke? Come in please, John Locke!) ...

Then we will celebrate the appearance of author Mark Jones, who wrote "Doin' The Charleston," and who will be at the State Library (on Senate Street in Columbia SC - NOT the state museum on Gervais) speaking from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, as he tours the state in support of Black History Month. Event is open to the public - bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy.

His interview is interesting and eclectic and I was overjoyed to learn a thing or two I did not know about that time period and the dance itself! You will want to tune in for this.

After that, we'll fit some belated Valentine (good and bad, happy and sad) songs. Ah, the heart. It "is a lonely hunter."

If you don't have love, candy runs a close second, babies.

Playlist won't post prior to show time (thanks, Blogger)... will have to see if I can post as we go.

NOTE: the playlists have posted to Facebook - to see, go to FB and type in Blues Moon Radio. Sorry for the extra trouble.

Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

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