Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drink Small, the Blues Doctor

Drink Small, the Blues Doctor, is a key figure in the Carolina music scene. He prefers we not call his style Piedmont Blues, because - although he plays Piedmont style powerfully - he plays a lot of different styles, even Delta Blues, but he doesn't live in the Delta. When he lectured my university class (Music of the Carolinas), he artfully delineated the difference between a playing style, a location, and a playing style associated with a location.

Drink is 80 now and, in a conversation we had recently, we discussed lots of old music venues around the Capitol City of SC (Columbia) that have "up and gone."

I'll be talking more to Drink about places, stories and events as I gather more material for my upcoming book - would love to hear your stories, too, about places and roots music throughout South Carolina (Upstate to Lowcountry and everywhere inbetween). Please feel free to contact me on my FB pages (Blues Moon Radio) or leave a comment here.

If you know Drink and want to give him a call - or if you are a fan but barely know him at all - please comment and share your thoughts - he would love to hear them and I'll be happy to relay any you leave here.

If you would like to order a CD or signed photograph, let me know and we'll arrange that, too. "It's hard to be a sick, blind, old man," Drink says. He can use any support and encouragement he can get.

Drop Drink Small a line c/o Blues Moon Radio and we'll get your get-well cards to him as well.

If you would like his latest CD or a color photo of him, please include a suggested donation of $25 for each or $45 for both - we'll cover S&H, but be sure you include your return address. He'll sign the photos as long as he is able. The mailing address is: DRINK SMALL c/o PO BOX 5591 Columbia SC 29250.

As we have seen, sadly our Blues icons do not last forever - let's pay tribute while we can.

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