Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Jan. 29, 2013

Radio news and news about a great birthday celebration and some of our elder statesmen of the Blues:

Re: Blues Moon Radio on Jan. 29... Will post the playlist as soon as possible.

Things went a bit awry at the station; technical problems abounded as happens from time to time with technology - we have the world's best engineer, but parts is parts and they sometimes go wonky. Not sure if the right word is floopy or kerflooey, but there was near-zero computer access and we were back to real radio, the way it was done back when I started (no, it was not broadcast through a megaphone, thank you very much, I'm not quite that old - we did have mics and amplification way back when I started! LOL).

So, give me a chance to locate the scrap of paper I wrote (I know... using one of those pen thingies) the song titles down on and I'll transcribe them here. Soon. I hope. I intend to. I'm busy and I know it is possible I might never catch up so I won't promise anything but to try.

More importantly than my playlist: the fabulousness of Drink Small's birthday party was immense and immeasureable. Thanks to all who came, played, supported, gave money, gave hugs and thanks to Drink Small, the Blues Doctor... Thanks to Elfi Hacker and 145 Club in Winnsboro for being the hostess with the mostest and the coolest club.

To read about the party (and see a video - click on the party invitation link) from WIS News, click here:

Drink Small's 80th birthday at the 145 Club
photo credit: Joyce Murphy
To contribute to Drink Small's birthday fund (which is defraying the rapidly rising costs of his health issues) you may send a check payable to Drink Small to POB 5591 Columbia SC 29250. Any donation of $15 dollars or more will receive a signed photo of The Blues Doctor - please include your return snail mail address.

Thank you for supporting our Blues legends while they are alive.

Please pray for Chick Willis and Eddie C. Campbell and Jimmie Vaughn and Finis Tasby and Kid Ramos who are fighting severe health issues as well; and blessings upon the family and friends of Music Maker Foundation Bluesman, George Higgs, who went to his final rest this week.

Life is too short... we miss those we loved so well. Let's help those who are still with us while we can.

Stay healthy, stay cool, stay Blues, and stay generous in an increasingly stingy world...
... much love,
Clair DeLune
Blues Moon Radio

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